1-year-old dies in crash after woman steals car with him inside: cops

A 13-month-old Milwaukee boy died after an “acquaintance” of his mother stole his car while he was inside and crashed it minutes later, authorities said.

Zarion Robinson was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital at 1:10 a.m. Saturday, after a 31-year-old woman crashed her mother’s white Pontiac while she was in the back seat, the news station reported. TMJ4 reported..

Zareon – who died the day he turned 13 months old – was in an unsecured car seat in the back of his mother’s unlocked car outside his home late Friday night. said the shop.

As her mother rushed inside, an unidentified woman sped off in the Pontiac, only to wreck it in a two-car wreck moments later, around 11:30 p.m.

Zarion Robinson died on January 28.
The Robinson Family

According to TMJ4, first responders found Zarion awake and crying in her car seat, which was down on the floor in the back seat of the Pontiac.

Both she and the driver were taken to a hospital, where the infant was later pronounced dead along with her mother. The alleged thief was treated for non-life threatening injuries before being taken into custody.

The occupants of the other car, a green Dodge Caravan, fled the scene, police told the outlet.

Nighttime car wreck scene involving two cars, including a white Pontiac.
An unknown thief smashed into Zareon’s mother’s white Pontiac late Friday night.

In one Interview with the Wisconsin Journal SentinelZareon’s mother, Mikayla Tweedy, said the reported carjacker was an “acquaintance” of hers who was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle before fleeing.

“My cousin and I went in to drop off my cousin’s cat – she carried him in the driver’s seat and put her in the car with her baby. I called her and told her to get the car. Never mind, I just want my baby back, the grieving mother said.

Tweedy said she did not know why the woman tried to carjack her car.

Zarion Robinson stands holding the hands of a woman in a blue dress.
Zarion’s family mourned him at a vigil Tuesday night.
The Robinson Family

“I knew her well enough to think she wouldn’t do anything like that,” she said.

Zareon’s father, Eddie Anthony, told the Journal Sentinel that he “wants to see justice.”

“He didn’t deserve this, he had a lot of life ahead of him. Like I said, gone but never forgotten, but it’s a lot of heartache that we’ll never get over. Everyone about it. I’ll think every day, every minute, every second, so it’s hard, it’s hard.”

Baby Zareon in gray t-shirt, mouth open.
Zareon died on the day he turned 13 months old.
The Robinson Family

Zareon’s grandfather, Donnie Thomas, echoed his calls for accountability in the crash.

“Justice needs to be served,” he said, noting that he was “saddened” when he heard the news of his grandson’s death.

“He just had the most amazing heart. He was an innocent kid….He came into the room and everybody smiled,” Tweedy said of her son.

Image of Zarion as a young child, dressed in red with a pacifier in his mouth.
Zarion’s family now wants “justice”.
The Robinson Family

Loved ones and locals mourned Zarion Tuesday night during a vigil and balloon release at the crash site, just a block away from day care at Big’s Life Learning Center.

“It’s just horrible because as we try to protect the babies and children in our care every day, we find out that a child died in a terrible accident right outside our door,” owner Kathryn Poston told TMJ4. Told to

Stolen cars and reckless driving are rampant. We need to protect our children.

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