11 Reasons Udonis Haslem Should Stay With the Miami Heat


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It’s June, so if you’re Udonis Haslem, you know it’s time to do it: never leave the NBA. Never, not once.

Every season since 2003, Udonis Haslem has completed the year as a member of the Miami Heat. From Dwyane Wade’s entry into the league in the new season to playing with his teammate Prestus Achiuva, who was four years old at the start of the UD, Haslem has spent every season in warm form and is determined to return to spend the next season again. . Indeed, he should make a similar choice in 2021.

There should be no choice. Haslem is set to return to be 19th in the league next season. UD, if you are reading this, we hope our thoughts may distract you.

It drives a lot of people crazy on the internet. For some reason, Udonis Haslem’s continued involvement in professional basketball angers many, even some Heat fans. Why? Who knows, but it’s funny how much it bothers a lot of people who don’t understand the value of UD for an organization.

If for other reasons UD has to go back another season, then his haters will get angry about it. It works very well.

Chapter 19 puts Haslem in the record books. UD is currently ranked 21st on the list of most seasons in NBA history. He is the pair behind Vince Carter’s lead, allowing Haslem to remain as a player-coach to get that record.

UD was supposed to be behind the guy he connected with, a guy named LeBron James, but something crazy happened and as we can see, the end of the UD season is a two-minute move. He can pull it off until he’s 80 years old.

Restart, UD. Four more seasons, even. Take this note.

Miami will need the threat of opening UD forever. Sometimes it’s a threat of what you can do, not what you can do. For years, the Miami Heat has been hiding UD on the sidelines, chasing its prey like a pit bull on the porch. Put it in order and find out what will happen if they reveal it.

Last season, Dwight Howard figured out what would happen when he entered the UD game. Others took note of this. Moving this option forward will not only be an empty threat, but also a promise.

He is LeBron James of his teammates. Imagine that in 2003, Udonis Haslem took third place in the 2021 Team of the Year vote for a Heat fan. If Twitter was available at the time, they would have laughed at you from the Twitter chronology.

If the last guy on the team’s bench has to play an important part of the season, he’s in trouble. But any team in the league can use a Hall of Fame-caliber teammate.

He is the most famous athlete in Miami, he is still active. None of South Florida has a player sport More famous teams than Udonis Haslem. Older people know and respect this name. He is the icon of Miami sports. They do not grow on trees and they are not cared for overnight.

When sport the icon goes through the city, allowing you to leave it when you are ready to leave. Many fans tried to get Dwyane Wade out the door at times. Many Dolphin fans were thrilled to see Dan Marino retire. Udonis Haslem is the last of this breed.

The heat should help him form another young star. Precious Achiuwa has not had the biggest rookie season. To be fair, it wasn’t great because he never played. The biggest reason he never played? As he played, he smelled.

UD can help in this. He was there before, for a long list of heat players who were ultimately useful.

The Heat need a UD to take on another player in the summer. The team does not have a selection in the first round, so a valuable game in 2022 is a guarantee of its success.

His salary is not a factor. Miami needs every dollar to adapt to another star player this summer or in the future. UD helps in this.

Most fans are unaware that the NBA introduced a rule a few years ago to discourage teams from dropping more expensive veterans on younger players. The league helps teams pay a portion of the cost of a player who earns the minimum wage, which is a one-year contract if he has three years of experience.

UD occupies a self-covering list in jiu-jitsu, which covers wages.

UD is a walking, talking book of basketball knowledge. UD has seen it all and it’s available to his teammates at any time. Hearing from a coach how to focus in a complex situation is not just a way to get out of your teammate’s mouth.

When UD speaks, teammates listen. Because he was there, he did it, and then he drank champagne in the locker room.

Someone has to go a little crazy on the slopes. If Eric Spoelstra hugs a chair during a break, people will ask if he’s a crazy person who doesn’t fit the coach anymore.

When UD does that, it’s great. This is seen when needed. It just plays out differently. Actors know how to adjust their height.

Coaches can’t stop this movement. It’s all on ESPN, not on the positive side.

Wade is in Utah, so we need all the UD we can get. Miami, trust me – you’re not ready for this divorce. Dwyane Wade is currently the owner of the Utah Jazz. He is celebrating their game here. He’s gone. My father remarried.

UD can’t leave us yet. The wounds are very fresh.

UD should be celebrated in person. At the very least, UD should come back and give Heat fans a chance to celebrate it in person. Wade danced for the last time. UD needs a final job.

Due to the pandemic, heat fans have not been able to watch many games in person in the last 18 months. Pay attention to them, this will be your last season, and let them celebrate their amazing 305 march all year long.

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