A court date has been set for the fan who attacked Seth Rollins at WWE RAW


Seth Rollins’ assaults by fans on WWE Raw last night led to criminal charges against 24-year-old Elisa Spencer. Spencer was picked up on charges including attempted NYPD attempted assault and violation of arts and cultural affairs. Rollins was injured in the attack, but was not seriously injured.

While the investigation is ongoing, any speculation about the motives of the perpetrator remains. What we do know is that Spencer will appear before a judge in December. TMZ Sports Reported on an upcoming date.

In the wake of tragedies involving fans attending such events AstroWorldIt is appalling to see how easily Spencer jumped the train and got to Rollins. Rollins jumped from behind as he entered the ring for the promo. Seth broke his lip in the attack.

WWE has issued a statement following the incident, stating that they will pursue full prosecution of the perpetrator. Rollins refused medical treatment at the incident site. The photos show the WWE wrestler with a thick lip.

After the assault, Rollins’ girlfriend, Becky Lynch, examined her. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Spencer was quickly captured by WWE Security after trying to deal with the superstar.

Fans should expect security to be tightened at WWE live events. The company is gearing up for a holiday tour along with regular Raw and SmackDown shows. Hope not to be stupid enough to do it again anytime soon.

What is your opinion of the way WWE responded to the attack on Seth Rollins? Share your thoughts in the comments!

November 23, 2021 9:36 am


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