A DeSantis presidency would be as “scary” as Trump’s Vanity Fair article.

On Monday, Vanity Fair published a “comprehensive guide” detailing how Ron DeSantis’ hypothetical presidency would be as “terrifying” as Donald Trump’s.

The left-wing magazine’s article began with a series of reasons why DeSantis shouldn’t be the next president of the United States, including Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s endorsement, “intellectual politics” and “authoritarian” behavior. It was the latest in a series of reports and stories from vehemently anti-Trump outlets that have labeled DeSantis as bad, if not worse.

“Shouldn’t we at least be glad he’s not the type to Sharpie over a hurricane map to cover his limbs or make people think about what he’s up to? Down to the bathroom? And the answer is either ‘q! We shouldn’t be!'” writes Bess Levin.


The political reporter clarified that her condemnation of DeSantis was not an endorsement of Trump, saying that humanity would benefit if she was never “heard or seen again.”

Levine then shared 13 reasons why DeSantis was the wrong choice for the top job in Washington, and that the Florida governor thinks it’s okay to treat people like “shitholes” and because he opposes the COVID-19 lockdown said it was “dangerously anti-science”. and that he is “against free speech” for signing the Stop WOKE Act.

The piece also says DeSantis is “waging a war” against trans people, believes the Respect for Marriage Act is “unnecessary,” has no interest in preventing gun violence, and is a “huge bully.”

Quoting a former college teammate who previously spoke with The New Yorker, Levin added that DeSantis is also “a terrible person” and has been for years.


“Ron is the most selfish person I’ve ever met. He always liked to embarrass and humiliate people. I speak for everyone else – he was the greatest person we ever knew.” We repeat that for emphasis: “He always liked to embarrass and humiliate people,” a former college teammate allegedly said.

A December national poll of Republican primary voters by The Wall Street Journal found that DeSantis leads Trump by double digits in a projected race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination between the party’s two most popular politicians. will have an index.

Eighty-six percent of GOP primary voters said they had a favorable opinion of DeSantis, who won a second term in November, compared to 74 percent who viewed Trump favorably.

In a projected DeSantis-Trump showdown for the nomination, the Florida governor is leading the former president 52%-38%, according to the poll.

An MSNBC op-ed last year said DeSantis was “more dangerous” than Trump, and former Florida Rep. David Jolley, now a trusted liberal analyst for MSNBC, said DeSantis was “more dangerous.”

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