A federal court has ordered Tennessee to stop a new law banning masked orders in schools


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According to a report, a federal court ruled Sunday that Tennessee’s governor, Bill Lee, has ordered the state to put in place a newly signed law banning mask mandates in classrooms because of potential confusion for schools.

The state must maintain its mask requirement from Nov. 11, which is a commercial appeal Pointed out The Republican governor was in the past Signature As a bill into law. Lee was immediately challenged by eight disabled students, who were sued by their parents.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas in July 2021. Photographer: Dylan Hollingsworth / LOVEBYLIFE via Getty Images

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court of Middle Tennessee and asserted that the law poses a serious threat to the virus. US District Judge Waverly D. Pierce pleaded guilty in Washington, Shelby and Knox County to maintaining a status for disabled children. Crenshaw, Jr. ordered Sunday. The situation is expected to continue until a court hearing on Monday, the newspaper reported.

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School districts across the state adhere to court orders and will continue to urge children to wear masks inside the classroom.

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Under the new law, schools and other government entities are only required to have masks in one county if they have an average 14-day COVID-19 infection rate of at least 1,000 per 100,000 residents. Emergency. No Tennessee counties meet that limit.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


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