A Florida man has been arrested for destroying a church nativity scene and having public sex with a dog

A Florida man allegedly had sex with a dog in front of horrified families and then went berserk by destroying a church’s birthplace in an attempt to escape angry onlookers. said the police.

Chad Mason, 36, began his sick crimes Friday while walking a friend’s labradoodle in a quiet neighborhood in Clearwater, police said.

At one point, he began fornicating with an animal in front of several spectators, including a child. According to Fox 13.

An adult confronted him and he ran toward the nearby Northwood Presbyterian Church, where he knocked over a Christmas nativity scene and smashed several potted plants on display.

“When he was confronted by someone in an apartment complex there, he ran from the scene and started destroying the surrounding areas,” officials said.

Chad Mason was arrested for having sex with a dog and destroying church property.
Pinellas County Jail

Mason then destroyed a mailbox and even attempted to carjack to get away, police said.

Several witnesses called 911, and responding police units located him nearby before taking him into custody.

Andy Mason faces multiple criminal charges, including indecent exposure in a place of worship and criminal mischief.

He is out of jail and due in court later this month.


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