A Florida police officer accidentally shot and killed his best friend while playing video games

A young Florida deputy was accidentally shot and killed by his roommate, also an officer. Officials say take a break from playing video games.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Lawson called 911 early Saturday to tell the dispatcher he had accidentally shot his co-worker, 23-year-old Austin Walsh, and needed emergency help.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Lawson and Walsh had taken a break from playing an online video game before the tragedy.

Lawson told investigators that he “jokingly” pointed the gun at his best friend and pulled the trigger, thinking he had unloaded the firearm.

It was Walsh was hit once and died at the scene, – said the policemen.

Lawson was arrested by agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on a no-holds-barred warrant for the homicide rap, Ivey said in a Facebook post.

He turned himself in on Sunday, officials said.

Brevard County Sheriff's Deputy Austin Walsh was shot and killed by his roommate early Saturday morning.
Deputy Austin Walsh, left, has been with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office since he was 19 years old.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,
Deputy Austin Walsh has been with the department since he was 18 years old.
Deputy Austin Walsh was accidentally shot and killed by the cop’s roommate.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,

“Austin and Andrew were best friends and Andrew is completely devastated by what happened,” Ivey said in a Facebook post. “Even so, there is no excuse for this tragic and entirely preventable death.”

According to Ivey, Walsh pursued his dream of becoming a police officer and began working at the Brevard agency after enrolling in the cadet program at age 18.

“Man, Austin was a great kid,” Ivey said. “We are heartbroken to lose him. He will be greatly missed by our agency, our community, and our prayers are with his family. “

Brevard County Sheriff's Deputy Austin Walsh was killed early Saturday morning.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Austin Walsh.
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,

Lawson was “deeply distressed” at the scene and cooperated with responding officers, Ivey said.

“Andrew, he’s a great kid,” Ivey said. “Kim made a terrible and irresponsible decision that unfortunately affected so many lives forever.”

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