A man survives being impaled in the neck with a 1.5-foot ancient trident

A man in India was stabbed in the neck with a 150-year-old trident – but felt no pain.

Bhaskar Ram, 33, was stabbed with an ancient 1-1/2-foot weapon on November 28 during a fight with two men at his workplace in Kalyani, India.

After being admitted to the hospital, Ram told the doctors that he did not feel any pain. In pictures and videos, a trident can be seen protruding from the neck of a strangely calm ram.

The gun entered the right side of his neck, traveled all the way through, and exited the left side.

According to SWNS, Ram was admitted to a hospital in West Bengal for special treatment for his injuries.

A graphic photo and video show the gun entering the right side of his neck and passing to the left.

Medical staff at the Kolkata NRS Medical College in West Bengal had to wake up Dr Pranabashish Banerjee at 3am to perform emergency surgery to remove the trident from Ram’s neck.

Although the trident went straight through Ram’s neck, it somehow didn’t sever any veins or arteries. According to the doctor, only traces of blood were found outside Ram’s mouth.

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A man with a trident around his neck.

Bhaskar Ram was impaled with a 1-1/2-foot ancient weapon during an altercation with two men at work.

A man with a trident around his neck.

The Trident did not sever any vein or artery.

“None of the vital structures were damaged as the rod miraculously missed the vital organs like carotid, internal jugular vein, trachea, esophagus, larynx, spine and spinal cord,” Banerjee said.

According to the doctor, Ram has recovered very well from the strange attack.

“The patient is recovering well and we are gradually removing the support tubes,” he said. “The tracheostomy tube has been removed and the nasogastric tube will be removed after the MRI report comes in.”

It is unclear how the dispute started and who is responsible for the attack.

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