A new powerful artificial intelligence bot is causing concern among users: Are robots ready to take over our jobs?

Fox News’ Jesse Watters expressed confidence on The Five on Wednesday that a war against machines is not imminent and that killer robots have yet to take over.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) bot, ChatGPT, has caused a stir on social media, writing essays, books, poems and even computer code on request.

“Five” trended by asking to write a poem about the show. “They entertain and inform with their humor and charm and keep audiences tuned in day and night,” it said.

Five asks the AI ​​bot to write a poem about the show.
(Screengrab / The Five)

A few co-creators made fun of AI for not being able to rhyme.

“Well, information and charm don’t rhyme,” said Dana Perino.

“Yeah, that’s a bad rhyme,” added Geraldo Rivera.

“Our jobs are safe,” Jesse Watters said.


Experts warn that artificial intelligence has the potential to take some work away from humans, and the technology could allow children to cheat by writing papers.

Perhaps the biggest fear is that AI will become so intelligent that it will find a way to control humanity, Watters said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro explained that her biggest fear is who will provide the program information.

“This Google doesn’t show things. It spits out what you give it,” he said. “So if you’re going to give information about education, is the CRT feeding you, is that the woke thing you’re feeding? Now teachers have some things they can check to see if you’ve plagiarized an essay or something . They can. “Now don’t do it with these things. It creates a huge negative.”

Host Greg Gutfeld offered an alternative view, saying that artificial intelligence could be useful because it could provide humans with “the answer key to life.”

The Sophia robot, which incorporates the latest technology and artificial intelligence developed by Hanson Robotics, is pictured during a presentation at the International Telecommunication Union’s AI for Good Global Summit on June 7, 2017 in Geneva.
(REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)

“Our whole existence is about probability. We sit and try to figure out what will happen in the next minute, the next block, or the next day. Our brains only think about probability. AI solves probability. It says. what next it will be,” he said.

Gutfeld also noted that AI is better than humans in some ways because it lacks human flaws such as failure and jealousy.

“What we’re seeing now is artificial intelligence that’s still being driven by humans,” he said. “With humans on the front end of that equation, we don’t know and have no idea what it can do. But once AI becomes independent and autonomous, it’s a whole new ballgame.”

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