A NYC gentleman has released a notorious gang for how he killed an innocent father

In four months, a Bronx judge reduced the bail of a teenage gang member known for three armed busts – a report that he was released from prison and allegedly accidentally shot and killed the innocent father of two children The Post is doing.

Alberto Ramires, 16, was arrested Monday in the murder of 34-year-old Eric Velasquez, who was said to have shot a teenage blind crowd in a rival gang tour. He pleaded not guilty.

Supreme Court Judge Denis Boyle sentenced Ramires to $ 75,000 bail after a March 2 protest by prosecutors, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office said Wednesday.

A few weeks later, his family rescued him on bail, said a spokesman for DADarsel Clark – bringing him back to the street.

Eric Velasquez with his son Jaks
Eric Velasquez with his son Jaks.

A law enforcement source familiar with Ramirez’s case said Boyle “gave the boy enough rope to hang himself.”

Another said, “Here’s a kid who got a gun, got another gun, got another gun.”

“How many apples does someone bite before someone is killed? In this case, it was three, ”the source added.

But his bail was not the only major break from Ramil’s arrest of Boyle, who ignored prosecutors’ objections in December and released the teenager without bail after his earlier arrest.

The judge also referred two of Ramires’ weapons-related cases to the Family Court, although the DA office wanted to prosecute him when he grew up with these charges.

Meanwhile, Boyle is no stranger to decisions that have led to disastrous results.

Last year, a lawyer was criticized for his decision to release 16-year-old Jordan Benjamin, accused of murder, who allegedly began cutting the belly of a young woman – Boyle released him again.

Justice Denis Boyle
Denis Boyle reduced the amount of collateral to $ 10,000 in cash or $ 25,000 in bonds.
© 2012 Robert Kalfus

In 1999, while waiting for Boyle to be convicted of sexual assault in the Bronx, he signed an agreement that allowed a homeless person to live in a shelter and attend therapy sessions – during which time authorities said he had been sexually assaulted. Manhattan.

The stray bullet victim, Velasquez, was walking with his cousin near a dice game in front of 340 East 184th Street, Fordham Heights, around 12:30 a.m. on May 16.

Ramirez, a well-known member of the Young Gunnaz or YG gang, is said to have hit Velasquez and fired recklessly after entering the area controlled by rival Slattery Avenue Boys gangs.

The members of this gang call the destructive practice “turning the barrier”.

The shooting happened in the form of an apartment near his family, and his mother was able to watch from the window when his friends and family held a memorial at the scene of his murder.

Eric Velasquez with his son Jaks
Eric Velasquez, 34, was shot dead in the Bronx on May 16.

“It’s very bad,” said my longtime friend, who did not want to be named.

“I went to wake him up and I couldn’t speak. He is a wonderful man. Not all is well. Two children, a wife, a working man. Everyone loved him. “

Ramires is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree murder and double possession of a firearm.

The incident put an end to an order that was being illegally promoted by a teenager who was arrested on Oct. 21 after a shooting inside a home in the Bronx.

It is alleged that Ramirez was with two friends and that he was shot with a gun and thrown into an apartment attached to the wall.

Police received an order to search the apartment where the shots were fired and confiscated three firearms.

Sources said Ramirez was charged with possession of a second-degree criminal weapon and his case was transferred to the Family Court with the consent of prosecutors.

But two months later, on December 12, Ramires was arrested by police, who allegedly grabbed a 25-caliber pistol and charged him with possession of a second-hand weapon.

In a Dec. 13 lawsuit, prosecutors demanded bail of $ 25,000 in cash or a $ 70,000 loan, but it was set at only $ 2,000 – and Boyle released Ramires without bail during a hearing the next day, the DA said.

And on Feb. 8, when Ramires was walking near the Slattery Avenue Boys lawn, he allegedly accidentally shot himself in the leg, sources said.

He told police he was confronted by three men, one of whom asked where he was before he was shot, but a surveillance video said he shot himself as he passed Ryer Avenue on East 184th Street.

Sources said Ramires was arrested on Feb. 23 and charged with negligently threatening him, possessing a criminal weapon and falsely reporting the incident.

Ismail Holmes
Denis Boyle denied the lawsuit against Ismail Holmes in September 1998, who demanded that the Bronx woman lie down at the door, take off her clothes and sit on her knees.

His case continued amid controversy following The Post’s Dec. 28 report on how Boyle released 16-year-old Jordan Benjamin from prison for juveniles in March 2020 due to the KOVID-19 pandemic.

On Christmas Eve 2019, Benjamin was attacked by a mob against 60-year-old Juan Fresnada, who was hit and beaten with a trash can when he was caught on camera in a group of teenagers in the Bronx.

He died three days later from his injuries at Fresna.

After his release, Benjamin killed Amya Hicks on Intervale Avenue on Dec. 14 – not far from his home in the Bronx – in an attack in which his mother told him he needed surgery and two days in hospital.

“It’s crazy,” said mother Tynisha Smith at the time.

“We thought he was still in jail.”

Both cases remain pending in court and Benjamin, who will be released on $ 3,500 bail, will appear in court on July 12, according to online records.

Boyle did not respond to a request for comment at the time, but the state administration of the court administration said he had complied with the law.

“Judges abide by the law, and the law makes it clear that the least restrictive alternative bail should be the superior driver when considering,” said OCA spokesman Lucian Chalfen.

Denis Boyle
Denis Boyle also filed two gun-related cases with Ramires in the Family Court.
© 2012 Robert Kalfus

“After the defendant was released on a murder charge, he returned to court for all his subsequent appearances and expects this to continue with the new charge.”

More than 20 years ago, Boyle rejected a lawsuit involving homeless Ismail Holmes in September 1998, who demanded that the Bronx woman lie down at the door, take off her clothes, and sit on her knees.

Holmes, who pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisolovebylifent, could have moved to a shelter and attended sexual harassment treatment pending a court ruling.

He was supposed to be taken to and from the program, but that never happened – and he was arrested in 2000 for assaulting eight women on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The prosecutor said he would “perform these actions on his way home from a sexual assault counseling program.”

Holmes, now 43, traded on a single charge of first-degree sodomy and served a full 17-year sentence before being transferred to a safe mental illness center in 2017, according to online records.

Boyle did not respond to a message left to him by a court clerk at the Bronx High Court, and a spokesman for the Court Administration did not return a request for comment.

Ramirez’s legal aid lawyer also declined to comment.


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