A pro-life group is holding a day of mourning for the aborted baby on NPR

A Catholic pro-life group held a day of mourning Saturday for the baby whose abortion death was recently broadcast live on NPR.

Priests for Life also christened the baby “Amanda Marie,” which means “To Be Loved.” according to a press release from the organization.

Ahead of Michigan’s Nov. 3 election, which put a proposal to voters to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right in the state, NPR broadcast live audio Abortion procedure at Northland Family Planning Clinic in Sterling, Michigan.

In the audio, NPR’s Cathy Wells interviews several women about abortion Before airing the audio of an unidentified mother who had an abortion at 11 weeks. The audio included a vacuum being used, the mother moaning, and a staff member named Brandy urging the mother to “keep breathing.”

After the abortion, Brandi and abortion provider Audrey Lance told the mother, “You did it!”

In open letter the child’s mother, abortionists, NPR and the public, calling for “Priests for Life” to repent.

The letter expressed compassion for the mother and said in part: “Dear mother, our heart cries for you, for you and for your child. We know you’ve already had a hard time thinking about abortion, and now that you’ve ended your child’s life, you’re in an even darker, harder place (and if you don’t admit it yet, dear mom, when the time comes, if you’re honest, sorry you understand that you are, that you are deeply saddened).

“As many women who have had abortions say, abortion not only hurts women, it destroys them,” the letter to the mother added.

In this April 15, 2013 file photo, the headquarters of National Public Radio (NPR) is shown on North Capitol Street in Washington.  NPR has taken new steps to improve its workplace culture after conducting an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations stemming from the dismissal of a senior executive.
NPR aired audio of an abortion in Sterling, Michigan.
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, file

The letter specifically condemned are also abortionists and NPR, claiming that the nonprofit media organization “missed something” when its report neglected to “depict what was taken from this woman.”

“As we said to the abortionist and those who worked with her to kill little Amanda, shame on you, NPR, for broadcasting the brutal killing of an unborn child, shame on you for insulting baby Amanda. Maribi shows its death in the air! May God bless your soul! Your actions were beyond disgraceful (and the fact that you used taxpayer dollars for such barbarism makes it even worse)!” the letter read in part.

In a statement, Father Frank Pavone, who serves as the national director of Life for Priests, “asks every pro-life individual, organization and legislator to observe the day with fasting and special prayers, including mass.” 3, one month after the audio was recorded.

“The mother’s moans can be heard in the recording, but the cry of his child hush,” Pavone said.

“The officer who was with my mother said, ‘You did it’, ‘You did a great job,’ after the murder was over.” There is no mention of the baby who died brutally at 11 weeks. The humanity of a baby is beyond imagination, Pavone continued, adding that Priests for Life aims to “make a big contribution to what this broadcast is trivializing.”

NPR did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment at the time of publication.

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