A “Seussian-horror” driver from Arizona is accused of driving with the Grinch

In Dr. Suess’s classic holiday story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Cindy Lowe tells the Grinch, “No one should be alone at Christmas.”

But he did not mention the highway.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety officer spotted a driver speeding in a busy lane with a green rider in the passenger seat on Interstate 10 Tuesday, the department said.

Indeed, when the driver was stopped, the state trooper discovered that “the angry green guy was actually an inflatable Grinch.” Arizona DPS on Twitter.

The driver was issued a ticket for driving in the traffic lane.

The department shared a photo of the Grinch posing next to the driver with a white and red scarf wrapped around his right arm.

Although police said the stuntman was enjoying the “celebratory spirit,” the driver was issued a permit for driving alone in the HOV lane, which is illegal.


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