A Texas father fears his ex-wife will chemically castrate his 9-year-old son

A Texas father at the center of a bitter, years-long gender transition case claims his ex-wife moved to California with a 9-year-old girl she identified as “Luna.” g’li planned to chemically castrate James.

Jeff Younger, a father of two, unsuccessfully ran for office in Texas on a trans platform. Tucker Carlson tonight Thursday and shared a video showing his son identifying himself as a girl.

In the recording, when nine-year-old James is asked if he is a boy, he replies, “No, I’m a girl.”

The student said her mother, pediatrician Dr. Anne Georgoulas, told her it was a girl and she dressed her in a dress.

“It made my blood run cold when I realized what he had planned for that kid,” Younger told Carlson.

Jeff Younger, left, says he fears his ex-wife plans to chemically castrate their 9-year-old son, James.
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A Texas father says his ex-wife, Dr. Ann Georgoulas, moved to California with their children to take advantage of the state’s new “trans asylum” law.

Younger claims his ex-wife deliberately moved their son and the boy’s twin brother to California just days before the state’s “trans asylum” law took effect on New Year’s Day.

Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, who sponsored the bill, said it was designed to protect transgender children and their families “if they are prosecuted in their state.” tweeted After signing by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Younger said her ex, James, began “transitioning” when he was two years old and tried to enroll him in a gender clinic in Dallas when he was five.

“The pediatrician’s records show that he intended to undergo chemical castration when he was eight or nine years old, at his current age,” Younger said. “And then he magically moves to California? I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

Young people did not give the notes of the pediatrician.

Chemical castration refers to the use of chemicals or drugs to stop the production of sex hormones. Unlike surgical castration, chemical castration does not remove organs and is not a form of sterilization. Also, the opposite.

At the same time, Georgoulas reveals that James is transgender, prefers to wear dresses and likes to be addressed as “Luna”.

The gender therapist who evaluated James recommended that he start transitioning to Luna by wearing a dress after his mother said her child was asking for “girl toys” and wanted to be one of the female characters in Disney’s Frozen.

The parents have been locked in a custody battle for years, with the father claiming his ex-wife decided to switch to a girl, pictured in a shirt.
The parents have been locked in a custody battle for years, with the father claiming his ex-wife decided to switch to a girl, pictured in a shirt.
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But Younger says these tendencies were instilled in his son by his mother.

Younger also alleged that staff at his son’s former school in California conspired with his ex-wife to help secretly convert the boy.

“I would bring my son to school dressed as a boy and they would give him a shirt and make him use the girls’ bathroom,” she told Carlson.

It is not immediately known what school her son attended or if the school has released a statement about the allegations.

In 2019, a Dallas judge ruled that both parents would have joint custody of James Younger and his twin brother, Jude, but in August 2021, another judge granted Georgoulas full custody of the children.

Younger, right, asked the Texas Supreme Court to order Georgoulas to return her children to Texas, but the commission denied her request.
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However, a subsequent court order states that “no parent may treat a child with hormone suppression therapy, puberty blockers, and/or gender reassignment surgery (if applicable) without the parent’s consent or court order.” ‘shown. This was reported by The Texan.

But Younger now believes his ex-wife uprooted their children and moved to California to avoid the court order.

Sunshine State Senate Bill 107 “prohibits[s] enforcement of an order authorizing the removal of a child from a parent or guardian under another state’s law that allows the parent or guardian to receive gender-affirming medical care or gender-affirming mental health care for their child.

Younger had asked the Texas Supreme Court to order Georgeulas to return her sons to Texas before California’s new “trans sanctuary” law takes effect, but her request was denied on New Year’s Eve.

Georgoulas is a pediatrician and is convinced that James is transgender.
Georgoulas is a pediatrician and is convinced that James is transgender.
LinkedIn / Anne Georgeulas

The panel ruled 8-1 that Younger’s appeal was unnecessary.

General opinion of the court, written by judges Jimmy Blacklock and Evan Youngsays Young misread California law.

“The father misread the new California law,” the opinion reads.

“The decision of the court to separate the parental rights of divorced parents based on separate court conclusions on the protection of the interests of their children is in no way a ‘law of another state,'” the opinion reads.

The judges then said Younger’s appeal was “speculative”.

“Apprehension that any of this will happen is in any case entirely speculative,” they wrote.

“In this case, given that the mother has now represented to both this court and the district court that she has no intention of attempting to do so, it is not merely speculative but is barred by principles of estoppel.”

The child is dressed up and named “Luna,” but Younger believes it’s all his ex-wife’s doing.
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However, the judges wrote that Younger “may seek immediate appellate relief” if Georgoulas tries to change their son’s gender without his ex-husband’s consent.

Younger tweeted that the state supreme court’s effective termination of her parental rights cleared the way for her child to be chemically castrated in California.

“Texas is a child abuse empire led by Texas judges,” the father said.

During the interview with Carlson, the father again criticized the judges for siding with his ex-wife.

“They find, absurdly, that my wife can’t have custody of my son any more under California custody laws than she can in Texas, and absurdly … we can enforce an injunction against him in California claims that it is possible,” he said.

The dramatic incarceration saga has drawn the attention of several conservative leaders, including Texas Attorney General Bill Paxton and Sen. Ted Cruz, who have supported Younger.

“A 7-year-old is not mature enough to make such profound decisions,” Cruz tweeted in 2019.

“The state of Texas must protect this child’s right to choose — as an educated, mature individual — and not be used as a pawn in a left-wing political agenda.”


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