A Texas woman arrested on suspicion of killing a 5-year-old boy has allegedly hidden the body in a warehouse for weeks: police

New details on the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy in Texas describe how the woman arrested in the case hid a storage area believed to be the child’s lifeless body a few weeks before locals found the motel, court documents released Thursday said. yicha.

According to a criminal complaint received by Fox News on Thursday, 29-year-old Teresa Balboa is accused of violating the evidence after investigators found grounds to believe she injured the child and hid his body “in order to disrupt its existence as evidence.”

Investigators discovered the boy’s body Tuesday night, and his family members said he would have turned 6 over the weekend, but he is awaiting official confirmation from a medical expert who will determine how and when the boy died, Houston Police Chief said. his assistant, Heather Morris, said Wednesday.

Balboa, who was Samuel’s father’s lover, had been caring for the child since April 30 and reported his disappearance to his father, who reported the matter to police on May 27, the complaint said. The complaint identified the victim as 6-year-old Olson.


At the time, Balboa claimed that on May 27, Samuel’s biological mother had taken the child. He told officers he answered that Samuel’s mother and a man dressed as a policeman appeared and took the child out of the house.

According to a criminal complaint received by Fox News on Thursday, 29-year-old Teresa Balboa is accused of falsifying evidence after investigators found grounds to believe she injured Samuel Olson and hid his body.
(Houston Police Department)

But the evidence gathered and the interviews conducted by the police point to something even worse.

According to a cold statement issued by Balboa’s roommate Benjamin Rivera, Balboa called Rivera on May 10 and said Samuel had died, the complaint said.

Rivera went home and found Samuel lying “unresponsive to the bed,” he recalled in the papers. He told police he and Balboa “took Samuel’s body to the bathroom, where he stayed for two days,” court documents say.

The complaint said Rivera told investigators on May 13 that “he bought adhesive tape and a plastic bag at a local Wal-Mart.” Then he and Balboa allegedly “wrapped up” [Samuel’s] placed the corpse in a plastic sheet, placed the corpse in a plastic bag, and placed the bag in a Rivera car. “

They then took the body to a storage unit a little more than five miles away – where it was left for more than two weeks, the complaint said.

Despite reports of missing persons on May 27, no action was taken until Tuesday evening, when Jasper Police contacted CrimeStoppers. At the end of the criminal complaint, Balboa was told he was “in room 106 at Best Western Motel” and “probably a missing child described as a six-year-old white man who recently disappeared from Houston.” , Texas. ”

Five minutes later, police arrived and knocked on the door of Room 106 several times, but received no response. The room was registered to a man named Dylan Walker, the complaint said.

Officers were forced to enter and meet Balboa in the bathroom, and the sergeant at the scene was confronted with the smell of what he recognized as “human decomposable remains.”

When officers asked Balboa where Samuel was, he allegedly told them he was “in the box.”

The box in the box – the “yellow lid” – is attached to the floor in the room with a zip. The complaint said the child’s body was inside, wrapped in black polyethylene bags and “secured with adhesive tape.”

Police arrested Balboa at the motel.

They then spoke to Walker, the man who had reserved the motel room where Balboa was found. Walker, 27, told police Balboa called him on Monday and said he “needed help because he was in a fight.”


He met at the Walmart parking lot in Cleveland, Texas, where Walker took Balboa to the driveway, where he “took a storage container that smelled dirty,” he said.

They then went to Best Western, where he registered it, the complaint said.

The complaint alleges that around 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Walker “removed the storage container from where it was taken.”

Surveillance cameras show he was “dragged to room 106,” the document said. Then he gets in the truck and drives away.

It is alleged that Walker told police that he was the person who later reported the incident to CrimeStoppers.

Talk to a local news station KPRC 2 on Wednesday, his father, Dalton Olson, said he was “almost out of breath.”

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“I don’t know what’s going on,” he said at the time. I found out what happened yesterday. “

Morris said more charges could be made after Wednesday’s autopsy is over. Meanwhile, Balboa was being held in a jail in Jasper County on Wednesday. It was not clear if he had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf. He is expected to move to Houston in the coming days.

Fox News’s Paul Best and the Associated Press contributed to the report.

If you have any advice, you can contact Stephanie Pagones at Stephanie.Pagones@fox.com.

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