A Ukrainian soldier who asked for help from the United States after a mine explosion

Ukrainian mother became a soldier recently made an urgent appeal The Post reports that a civilian vehicle he was supposed to use in a war zone for armored vehicles to the Americans was seriously injured when it hit a mine.

Andriana Arekhta, 34, was found unconscious and without a pulse in the Kherson region last Thursday and airlifted to Odessa for medical treatment, Daria Kaleniuk, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Center in Kyiv, told The Post.

Arexta was listed in critical condition with a broken arm, shoulder, jaw, ribs, spine, stomach and lung.

“His survival is a miracle, but the final diagnosis is not yet available,” Kaleniuk said. and added that healing would be difficult and painful.

Arexta recently returned to the front line Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression After visiting the United States, where he spoke to the Post about the need for heavy armored vehicles.

“We call it the Toyota vs. Mitsubishi war. We need Hummers or any armored vehicles. “They save lives,” Arexta said last September.

Andriana Arekhta
Andriana Arekhta was found unconscious and without a heartbeat in the Kherson region.
William Farrington

“Civilians bring cars and trucks to the front, and NATO countries have reserves of armored Humvees, Bradleys and others,” said Kaleniuk, and armored vehicles
The vehicles currently being sent are “twenty years old, have no spare parts, and break down in a few days.”

Arekhta, who has a master’s degree in public policy and has a six-year-old son, Makar, gave up her day job to fight for her country.

Her husband Max is a Ukrainian army commander. The couple met at the front. Almost a quarter of all people in the armed services of Ukraine are women.

According to Kaleniuk, one out of every three people killed in war comes from landmines.

Arexta was listed in critical condition with a broken arm, shoulder, jaw, ribs, spine, stomach and lung.
AP/Nina Lyashonok
A Ukrainian mother of a six-year-old son quit her job to fight for her country.
William Farrington

Kaleniuk last spoke to Arexta two days before his injury.

“He kept me updated on the front and their needs. According to him, we are losing our best people because we don’t have armored personnel carriers,” said Kaleniuk.

“This means that every day someone is dying because we don’t have armored vehicles. It’s pointless, useless death and damage. Simple light armored Hummers would have saved lives. If he was, he would be fine. But if you are driving in a civilian vehicle, you have a 90 percent chance of survival.”

Ukraine’s military was so underfunded and poorly equipped that Arekhta wore sneakers instead of combat boots when he first entered combat in 2014.

Ukrainian soldier
Arekhta recently went to the front in Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression.
AFP via Getty Images/ Bulent Kilic

In his latest interview, Arexta also wanted to thank the United States for the weapons the country sent him.

“Your guns are saving lives,” said Arekhta, for whom a PayPal account has been opened, Aarekhta2@gmail.com.

“This is a fight for democracy. If we fall, Europe will be next,” he said in September. “Please send more weapons. They will help us end the war sooner before we lose more men and women.”

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