A wave of thugs on the Grinch’s porch trying to ruin Christmas

Al Diaz, who lives in Rialto, California, watched as the packages his father ordered were taken minutes after they were delivered. This porch robber’s grin took away more than $1,000 in prizes in seconds. A pair of pajamas he had bought for his dog and himself, as well as three Movado watches worth a total of $1,000, were stolen from his porch in front of him.

Thanks to online shopping and delivery services, shopping for the holidays has never been easier.

People can now do all their weekend shopping from the comfort of their homes with a single click, rather than having to deal with the hustle and bustle of malls and stores.


Unfortunately, gifts don’t always reach their intended recipients, as packages mysteriously disappear from doorways and yards across the country.

No, it’s not the evil Grinch trying to steal Christmas, but something known as the “porch robbers.”

Beware of porch robbers after delivery this holiday season.
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In 2021, about 290 million packages were stolen from porches.

According to a recent study by a research firm In a safe wayIn the past 12 months, 260 million packages worth $19.5 billion have been stolen from porches across the country.

That’s a statistic that’s sure to grow as the holiday season approaches.

TEXAS POLICE are urging residents to be on the lookout for “porch robbers” this holiday season.

Armed and dangerous

The situation became more frightening Antioch, Tennesseewhere three bandits are found following a FedEx truck and stealing packages being delivered.

Moreover, these people were seen carrying loaded weapons.

Fortunately, after the black Dodge Charger they were driving was reported, the three culprits were caught, arrested and charged.


The police are searching.

As reports of stolen packages continue to rise, local authorities are doing what they can to be on the lookout for porch robbers.

police station Van Alstyne, Texas has even come up with a foolproof way to ensure that packages reach their intended recipients this holiday season.

By allowing residents to deliver their packages to the police station.

Since the station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Van Alstyn residents are allowed to come anytime to claim their gifts, just show a valid ID.

If your local police station doesn’t offer this service or you don’t want to go to the police station to pick up your gifts, don’t worry.

As previously reported on CyberGuy.com, there are 8 simple ways to avoid falling victim to local porch robbers.

Here are the best ways to prevent porch thieves from stealing your package

THIS Christmas, the best toys for kids include some that are “magical” and wondrous.

Invest in a video doorbell

Installing a video doorbell, e.g WYZEpotentially stopping a porch robber dead in their tracks.

While it won’t deter them from burglarizing, you’ll get an alert when someone approaches your front door, whether they ring the doorbell or not, catching them red-handed with their face in full view.

You can even go one step further and install cameras You can probably get a clear picture of the license plate in the trees around your driveway. Although this does not guarantee that you will get your stolen product back, it will greatly assist the local police in tracking down criminals.

Los Angeles police have announced 18 arrests in a major organized retail theft case after a NEW sheriff was sworn in.

Select a delivery date

Most online retailers allow you to schedule a delivery date, which gives you a day and a rough time for the package to arrive. This allows you to be ready and waiting for his arrival and keep your gifts safe behind locked doors.

Amazon, UPS, and FedEx can also alert you if you’ve received a delivery.

The GRINCH can steal your Christmas checks

Get to know your delivery drivers

The next time you see your mail carrier come to your house, introduce yourself and maybe ask if he can put your packages somewhere less visible than your front porch.

Porch robbers only grab packages from front porches, where they are easy to grab and run away from. Placing your packages in a back door or other hidden location is bound to keep them more secure.

In select regions, Amazon even offers a service known as Amazon Key, where a smart garage controller is purchased myQAmazon delivery drivers can leave your packages safely in your garage.

I’m sure drivers are only allowed to make one-time deliveries to your garage.

Lock boxes help keep your packages safe.

Lock boxes help keep your packages safe.
(Architectural mailboxes)

Lock boxes

Another way to ensure your packages are safely waiting for you when you get home is to invest in secure delivery boxes, such as Elephantrunk Parcel.

The delivery is placed in the top of the box, then lowered into a locked chamber that only the owner can access.

Shock-absorbing cushions, as well as a water-resistant coating, ensure your belongings are safe from thieves and the elements.

Of course, if you’d rather not invest in your own locked box and don’t want to travel, you can always have your packages delivered to an Amazon locker.

Once your package arrives, you will receive a notification and delivery.

Watch out for bandits in the neighborhood

by signing up for a neighborhood watch app like Neighbors or Next dooryou can track any stolen packages in your neighborhood, where users will also post any photos of porch robbers they catch on doorbell cameras.

One thing to keep in mind is try to avoid “being a hero” when you see a porch thief stealing a package.

As much as we want to step in and stop them, we never know how dangerous these porch robbers are, so it’s best to call the police or notify another neighbor before taking matters into your own hands.

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