A yoga teacher was horrifically injured in a boating accident in Mexico

A British yoga instructor said she was lucky to be alive after her boat was ripped open by a propeller while scuba diving in Mexico during a dream vacation with her husband.

Amor Armitage, 37, says it’s a “miracle” he survived a horrific accident on December 17 while swimming in the alluring waters off Cozumel, an exotic island famous for world-class diving.

Armitage described the harrowing ordeal on his website, yogabasingstoke.com.

According to her, it all started when her husband Chase, who was working on a movie in the US, was doing stunts and freediving.

The yoga instructor said she decided to return to the boat and was about to climb the ladder when the boat’s engine roared to life.

“When I hold the ladder, I take out one wing, the captain of the boat did not see me, I suddenly realized that the boat began to move, and I could not say anything, the words just did not come out. fear froze [sic] me,” wrote Armitage.

British yoga teacher Amor Armitage, 37, and her husband Chase.
Instagram / @yogablissipline

“Everything seems to slow down as I feel the propeller of the boat hitting my stomach, genitals and legs, my body becomes heavy and I see the boat moving away from me, a visceral scream for help comes from within, the captain sees. me, but I know I have to swim to the boat, so I managed to swim to the ladder once more with cuts all over my body,” he continued.

According to Armitage, the captain told him to “go up the stairs” but he “looked down and saw me inside”.

“God must have been holding me (through the surge of stress hormones) that helped me lift myself onto the boat, my leg is broken, my body is broken and I’m in out of this world pain,” he said. she is.

Amor Armitage's bound feet
According to Armitage, a blood clot in her femoral artery prevented her from bleeding to death.
Facebook / Amor Armitage
Amor Armitage's leg injury after surgery
The yoga teacher underwent three surgeries and 10 blood transfusions.
Instagram / @yogablissipline

Armitage eventually made it back to the boat, where she said her husband’s words and love kept her alive on the way to the hospital.

“He did everything he could to keep me with him and if it wasn’t for my angel Chase, I wouldn’t be here today,” she added.

But it was the blood clot that was the real miracle.

“Apparently a blood clot formed in the femoral artery during the accident, which prevented me from losing a lot of blood both on the way to the hospital and during the operation,” Armitage said.

“Without him, I would have lost a lot of blood,” Armitage said.

Amor Armitage is in a hospital bed
The surprise happened when Armitage was swimming in the alluring waters off Cozumel, an exotic island known for its world-class diving.
Facebook / Amor Armitage

The yoga instructor also said she was lucky the propeller didn’t hit any of her limbs and that she had an “extra artery”.

The extra artery “allowed blood to circulate all over the leg and foot,” he said, adding that “not everyone has that artery, so the doctors were very happy, and so was I.”

After the terrible accident, Armitage underwent three operations and received 10 blood transfusions.

He described the inner thigh as “completely tangled”, the quadriceps, tendons and tibial bone as “jointed”.

Armitage and her husband Chase are on vacation
Armitage, seen here with her husband Chase, said she has a long road to recovery.
Facebook / Amor Armitage
Armitage and her husband Chase are on vacation
A Just Giving page set up to help cover Armitage’s hospital bills has raised more than $62,000 so far.
Facebook / Amor Armitage

On Dec. 29, he gave an update that he was still on antibiotics, pain relievers and “a lot of medication.”

She wrote that she “cried and smiled a lot.”

“I am calm, fully accepting of what happened and knowing that the universe has a divine plan for me through this,” she said.

Amor Armitage strikes a yoga pose
“A lover of life, of the Earth, of sacred wisdom … always a student of yoga, a seeker of the truths within,” Armitage describes herself on a yoga website.
Amor Armitage in yoga practice
The yoga teacher said she was lucky the propeller didn’t hit any of her limbs

Armitage said earlier this month he should be ready to return to the UK but “the road to recovery is slow” and the “hospital bills are huge”.

He added that the couple did not have insurance during the ill-fated trip.

A Giveaway page only has raised more than £52,000 – about $62,000 – so far.


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