Aaron Judge’s Yankees frustrations surface during free agency: ‘Turn the fans against me’

Aaron Judge’s latest honor comes with a dire warning for the Yankees.

Judge was named the Yankees’ Player of the Year on Tuesday for hitting an American League record 62 home runs last season. Breaking this record may be his last work on the dash.

In the accompanying Time magazine article, Judge offered some unique insight into his free agency mindset and blasted the Yankees for their decision to reveal the details behind last season’s failed extension talks.

On Opening Day and before Arbitrator’s contract extension deadline, GM Brian Cashman held a press conference in which he announced that the Yankees had offered Arbitrator a seven-year, $213 million offer, which he declined.

“We said, ‘Hey, let’s leave it between us,'” Judge said. “I’m a little disappointed that the numbers came out. I understand that’s a negotiating tactic. Put the pressure on me. Turn the fans against me, turn the media against me. I didn’t like that part of it.”

Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Brecksick at a Buccaneers game on Dec. 5, 2022.
Aaron Judge and wife Samantha Breksik at the Buccaneers game on December 5, 2022.
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The comments come as the winter meetings are in full swing and potential referee signings are happening every day. The Giants have long been seen as the primary threat to the Yankees to land the Northern California native. It would be something the judge predicted in 2010, said his wife, Samantha Braksiek.

“I said I’m going to marry Sam in 10 years and play for the San Francisco Giants.” – said the judge. “I better not go out,” I thought.

It’s out now, and it should give Yankees fans an uneasy feeling about their chances of re-signing the 30-year-old. Cashman said Monday that the Yankees made several offers to Judge during the winter meetings, but said he had no idea they were the favorites to re-sign him.

Aaron Judge October 22, 2022
Aaron Judge October 22, 2022
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“When I was younger and coming into the game, all the guys were saying, ‘Hey, wait until you’re a free agent,'” Judge told the magazine. “You get to make your own decisions, start a legacy somewhere, start something new somewhere. I’m looking forward to the whole process, man. It will be special.”


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