‘Absolutely no words’: Gabriel Union, Megyn Kelly, most celebrities respond to Kyle Rittenhouse verdict


Social media has exploded with celebrities voicing their opinions on Friday’s verdict Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

The jury found out Rittenhouse is not guilty of all the charges against him, including willful manslaughter – the most serious of the five charges against him in a politically and racially-charged case in which three Americans were shot dead in unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Absolutely no words,” actor Josh Gad Tweeted In response to the Rittenhouse ruling.

He continued: “Vigilantes can now go out and kill people who are protesting issues like racial equality. Now, think about it.”

Rittenhouse Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber were fatally shot during the frequent violent protests in the summer of 2020, after police shot a black man named Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Rittenhouse, 17, was charged with reckless endangerment and reckless endangerment.

The Rittenhouse case has drawn national attention from the beginning, reflecting the country’s divide on race, guns and politics.

The verdict revived some sentiment with Levar Burton Tweeting: “Say it again! There are no two kinds of justice in America!”

Gabriel Union added “100” The emojis In a tweet quoted by New York Times journalist Nicole Hannah-Jones, she linked the verdict to the history of slavery.

“In this country, if those whites are fighting for the life of blacks, you can kill whites and escape from it. This is the legacy of 1619,” Jones Tweeted.

Viola Davis responded to the verdict Tweeting: “Welcome to America.”

MSNBC anchor Joy-Ann Reid suggested that the justice system was “designed”.

“We have learned again and again that what * some * people in America do is legally considered. It’s helpful to know where you are in your country. Stay safe,” Reeds The tweet read.

George Takei echoed Reid’s feelings about the justice system.

“Denial of justice is a blow to our national psyche. It is not only the killer at trial but the system that continues to kill. Today, that system has defeated true justice once again, but note these words: We will not stop fighting for what is right and fair,” Takei tweeted.

Former LBL anchor Megyn Kelly accepted the verdict, Tweeting “Justice was done.”

“Kyle Rittenhouse has been unfairly criticized by the dishonest press, and the politicians who used him to advance his own fortunes,” he continued. “If there are riots, these smear merchants will be more to blame.”

Moments after the verdict was announced, Destiny’s Child was Michelle Williams Tweeted She was “not surprised.”

Even Anita Baker was not surprised by this news. “We knew beforehand” She tweeted.

By Andy Cohen Tweet Rittenhouse expressed disappointment at the decision, but Daniel Day Kim shared that he was not surprised by the outcome.

“In other news you can see it coming from a mile away …” Kim Tweeted.

Kerry Washington Tweeted “Elections are important.”

“Our 1st Amendment right to liberty should not let any of us lose our lives,” he said. “And regardless of anyone’s judgment anywhere and at any time, Black Lives Matter. Today and always.”

Ava DuVernay shares her parents ’words with Anthony Huber.

“John Huber and Karen Bloom, parents of murderer #KyleritonHouse victim Anthony Huber: The verdict” sends an unacceptable message that armed citizens can appear in any town, instigate violence and then justify gunfire using the danger they create on the street. ” “

Brooklyn Decker called the verdict a “disaster.”

“The precedent is terrible. Injustice is hard to stomach,” she said Tweeted.

Author Stephen King Tweeted: “So … the white guy goes free. Is that the message?”

Bette Midler Tweeted It is a “tragic, tragic day for decent, thoughtful, sentimental, moral people everywhere.”

Mia Farrow He asked: “So can anyone come to the protest, march in the middle of the road with a huge firearm – and kill people?”

Rosanna Arquette Tweeted She has “no faith in the justice system in America today”

Carrie Elves, star of the 1987 film “The Princess Bride,” Called The verdict is “another disappointing victory for White vigilance.”

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Contribution: Lindsay Schnell, Celina Tebor, Ryan W. Miller, Crystal Hayes


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