Accused Dallas Zoo thief vows to steal more animals if sprung from jail: court docs

A man who stole two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo has vowed to steal more when he gets out of prison, according to court documents.

Devin Irwin expressed his commitment to animals to investigators as new details emerged from court documents about the alleged theft of his zoo following his arrest last Thursday.

Court documents state that Irwin admitted to police that he waited until the night of Jan. 29 until he climbed the zoo’s fence and cut through a metal mesh wall to take in two emperor monkeys.

Once the 24-year-old had the monkeys, he jumped on the city’s light rail to a vacant house where he kept the animals, arrest warrant affidavits allege.

The monkeys were found safe on Jan. 31, but if Irwin gets out of jail — he’s currently out on $25,000 bail — he told police he plans to return to the zoo and take more animals. holds, according to arrest warrant affidavits. Dallas Morning News.

He told police he “loved animals,” the affidavit said.

Irwin is seen on surveillance video eating from a bag of Doritos and strolling through the zoo.
Dallas County Sheriff/Mega

Irwin faces six counts of animal cruelty and two counts of theft.

When police found Bella and Finn the monkeys, they recovered several cats and pigeons, as well as a dead feeder fish and fish food that had gone missing from the zoo’s staff-only section last month, but had never been stolen. Not reported, the affidavits said. .

The Dallas Morning News reported that police described the home as being in “extremely poor condition” with cat litter, debris from construction materials and mold. Police said the monkeys were found in one part of the house along with bird poop and feathers and torn clothes.

The animals were located by Dallas police and later examined by veterinarians.
The animals were located by Dallas police and later examined by veterinarians.
Facebook/Dallas Zoo

While most of the charges against Irwin are linked to the swiped monkeys, one of the theft charges is linked to a clouded leopard that he allegedly helped escape from the zoo.

Nova, the leopard, was reported missing on January 13 when she was found mutilated in her enclosure. She was found near her residence later that day.

Arun admitted to authorities that he wanted to take the leopard, but he petted it before it climbed over the fence, according to an affidavit.

Arun is also involved in cutting a wall for langur monkeys, but he has yet to face charges and the monkeys have not come out.

The accused was also related to a leopard that he allegedly helped escape from the zoo.
The accused was also related to a leopard that he allegedly helped escape from the zoo.

Irwin was arrested blocks from the Dallas World Aquarium after he questioned staff there about the animals, police and zoo officials said. An activist recognized him from news coverage after police released a photo and video of a man zoo detectives said they wanted to talk to.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the affidavit states that before the monkeys went missing, Irwin allegedly asked zoo staff several strange questions, such as “Where do you get all the monkeys and how do you get them?” moving,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

He reportedly asked a zoo of emperor monkeys on January 29, “Where can you? [I] Get one and how do you get them in at night?”

Irwin was not related to the endangered vulture at the zoo in January, although police said they were still investigating the suspicious death.

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