Accused Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger may have left knife sheath behind to mislead investigators: expert

According to a criminal profiler, accused killer Brian Kohberger may have intentionally left a knife sheath at the home where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in an attempt to mislead investigators.

“If you took the pistol out of your holster, wouldn’t you put it back in?” John Kelly, a psychotherapist who has interviewed serial killers, said on Fox News on Tuesday. “I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t, and if I went fishing and had to pull out my knife, I’d put it back in the sheath.”

Kelly said Kohberger, who was known to be fanatical about his strict vegetarian diet, likely hid the bloody knife somewhere that wouldn’t contaminate his clothes or his car. Months after the November 13 murder, the murder weapon has not been found.

“You’re such a clean vegetarian who’s obsessive about what you eat and everything, just the hygiene of carrying a bloody knife around, wearing it somewhere on your person when you leave the house,” Kelly said. ” said Kelly.

Kelly noted that one of the surviving roommates, Dylan Mortensen, did not mention a knife or other weapon when he said he was confronted by a masked “figure dressed in black,” who I left the house through a sliding glass door in “Browsy Eyebrows” moments. After the murder, according to the affidavit.

Brian Kohberger, 29, is accused of killing four University of Idaho students.

“The girl didn’t say anything about seeing a knife,” Kelly said. “Did he put it somewhere in his clothes and get all the blood on it?”

Kelly said the sheath – which was found in bed with two of the four victims – could have been deliberately left behind after it had been thoroughly cleaned.

However, police identified Kohberger’s DNA on the sheath’s button strap with DNA taken from the trash at his parents’ home in Pennsylvania, where he was arrested in December, police said in an affidavit. .

*not a real knife*
A knife and sheath similar to those found in the Moscow, Idaho, home where four students were murdered.

A police cruiser drives past the home where four University of Idaho students were killed.
Kohberger is accused of breaking into the students’ home on November 13 and killing four of the six people who lived there.
Kai Iselin

Kelly believes Kohberger left the brown leather sheath, inscribed with “Ka Bar,” “USMC” and the United States Marine Corps eagle globe and anchor, to blame on someone in the military. could

“It’s phase 101,” he told Fox News. Some guy with some kind of training who lives on the street.

“He may have thought it was the perfect trick, then he’s no genius, his trickery and staging set him up to get caught,” Kelly added.

His belief that he could mislead investigators may explain why Kohberger asked police, “Who else did you arrest,” according to Kelly, as he was being taken into custody.

“I think he had to believe that it would lead them in some direction, with Mayan there,” he said.

Brian Kohberger
Detectives matched DNA found on the button strap of the knife sheath with samples obtained from garbage 2,500 miles away from his family’s Pennsylvania home.

Kohberger is accused of breaking into the student’s off-campus rental home in Moscow around 4 a.m. on Nov. 13 and killing 21-year-old Madison Maughan, 21-year-old Kelly Goncalves, 20-year-old Ethan Chapin and 20-year-old Zana Kurnodel. While some of them are sleeping according to the police.

Kohberger, a criminal justice Ph.D. A student at Washington State University, just 7 miles from the scene of the murder, is charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of aggravated burglary.

He could face up to life in prison if convicted.

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