‘Adele One Night Only’ Special: 5 Big Disclosures from her Oprah Winfrey Interview


Adele was shockingly honest and in person during Sunday’s “Adele One Night Only” Concert Special for CBS.

The singer, 33, took the stage at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, where she performed some of her most beloved and popular hits and some songs from her brand new album “30”.

Adele’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, intercut with a concert event attended by several Hollywood A-listers, where the master interviewer got a master singer to open up to her on some more personal matters in her rose garden. Moments of her life and career.

Adele touched on everything from her divorce, new relationship, family and weight loss. The interview went deep and there is plenty for fans to keep track of. Below is a summary of the Top 5 revelations from the singer’s “One Night Only” Event Special.

The end of her marriage

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Adele opened up about her divorce.
(Harpo Productions / Photographer: Joe Puglies)

Adele’s latest album is a highlight for them. Winfrey immediately noticed that she was doing it at a very difficult time in her life, and often wondered if she was too therapeutic and personal. Fortunately, she couldn’t let those thoughts take her.

She noted on the album the end of her marriage to 47-year-old Simon Konecki. As she said in the past, Adele felt the pressure to maintain her nuclear family. The result was an embarrassing moment for her, ending her marriage to Ankki.

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“I’m so disappointed for my son. I’m so frustrated for myself. I thought I would stop doing those bloody patterns all the time,” he told the hosts.

“The sooner I get married and divorce, the more I disrespect it and stuff like that,” he added. “I’m ashamed that my marriage didn’t work out, you know?”

Even though her marriage ended, it did not mean it failed. Amid a co-parenting relationship with her ex and her 9-year-old son, Angelo, Adele doesn’t have a bad word to say about her ex-husband.

“To be honest with you, I think Simon probably saved my life,” Adele admitted. “He came at such a moment. No one else could give me the stability he and Angelo gave me. Especially at that time in my life, I was very young and I think. I was getting a little lost in everything.”

“I still trust him with my life,” she concluded. “He and Angelo were angels sent to me. It made me feel.”

Her complex relationship with her father

Adele discusses her relationship with her late father in a special episode of 'Adele One Night Only'.

Adele discusses her relationship with her late father in a special episode of ‘Adele One Night Only’.
(Cliff Lipson / CBS © 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Adele acknowledged that her views on relationships were largely influenced by the complex relationship she had with her own father, Mark Evans, who left the family as a child.

She had been away for many years before she was admitted recently Vogue She was able to see her distance and reconnect with them shortly before she died of cancer earlier this year.

“I have absolutely zero expectations of anyone because I learned through my father that I shouldn’t have them,” he said. “He’s the reason why I don’t fully admit to being in a loving, loving relationship with someone.”

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Emotionally difficult for him, her father had only heard her first song, “Hometown Glory.” However, he switched to playing “To Be Loved” before he died, focusing on the absence of affecting people’s ability to believe.

“It’s amazing to me and him,” she said. “I think they can hear me singing, but they don’t say it – we’re similar.”

Before he died, she played all his “30” and noticed that his favorites were hers.

Her relationship In addition Alcohol

Adele Oprah Winfrey revealed that she quit drinking whey.

Adele Oprah Winfrey revealed that she quit drinking whey.
(Harpo Productions / Photographer: Joe Puglies)

Adele no longer drinks.

Shortly after the divorce, Adele noticed that she started drinking more. Although her drinking is not problematic for her behavior, she does note that her drinking relationship has an impact on her ability to know herself in the wake of her split.

He noted that quitting drinking is a good way for someone to get to know themselves.

“At first, I was probably keeping the alcohol industry alive,” Adele said of drinking through her divorce.

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However, she was unable to accept that alcohol “took my father away from me.”

“But you know, once I realized I had a lot of work to do on myself, I stopped drinking and I started doing a lot and things like that to keep myself focused,” he said.

Her weight loss is not about fitness

Adele performing at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

Adele performing at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
(Cliff Lipson / CBS © 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

The singer recently lost nearly 100 pounds. While she is thrilled with the way she looks now, she explained to Oprah that she is not out with the goal of looking good, she is always happy with her body. However, when she noticed the impact the workout had on her mental health, it caused her to fall deeply.

“I’ve had the most terrifying anxiety attacks since I left my marriage,” he explained. “They completely paralyzed me and confused me because I couldn’t have any control over my body.”

However, she noticed that she trusted her personal trainer and noticed that she had never experienced anxiety while in the gym with him. At one point in her life where her schedule was so open, she realized she needed the stability to offer regular workouts.

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Unfortunately for Adele, her weight loss left her open to comments about her lifestyle and body positivity. She explained to Oprah that she was not allowed to influence her behavior or mental health.

“It’s not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. I’m just sad that someone made them feel terrible about themselves – but that’s not my job. I’m trying to sort out my own life. I can’t add another worry.”

A great family moment

Adele and Oprah sit down for an interview in their rose garden.

Adele and Oprah sit down for an interview in their rose garden.
(Harpo Productions / Photographer: Joe Puglies)

Whether it’s a tool to help her reconnect with her father, a way to express her feelings about divorce, or a healthy way to overcome her anxiety, music has always been a positive force in Adele’s life.

However, she shared her live music with her 9-year-old son Angelo until her “One Night Only” special. It was the first time he was in the audience and seeing him share his music with other people.

“It’s my honor to be here all my life tonight, kid,” Adele told her son from the stage at the event.


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