After-school Satan club at primary school angers parents: ‘Abomination against God’

Parents in a Virginia community are up in arms over an After School Satan Club (ASSC) planning a meeting at an elementary school.

Aspen Nolett, founder of Chesapeake Parents for Freedom, joined “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday to discuss the group’s true purpose in the community and how parents plan to challenge its presence at BM Williams Elementary School.

“They’re liars straight out of the pit of hell,” Nolett told Griff Jenkins. “We don’t believe anything they say. We know it’s all aimed at the kids in the cartoon. It’s a way to instill awareness in them.”


“One of the leaders of the BM Williams club, which is located on the street from my house, on his personal page on social networks, he just posted disgusting, graphic, demonic images, including an image of a baby in an oven,” he said.

Nolett said the club has “revealed” itself while continuing to serve its original purpose of integrating children into the community. He worries that the community upheaval will cause the school district to shut down all clubs for good.

Despite his concerns, he is adamant that gospel clubs fighting for religious freedom will remain open.

“The Good News Club is not going to do that,” Nolette said. “We will not allow them to do this. We do not need to be intimidated and intimidated. Religious freedom should be the highest priority in this nation, and we will remain. We will not. Shut up.”

The ASSC explained that its aim is to encourage independent thinking and does not want to “convert” children to any particular religious ideology.

But Nolett doesn’t believe it.

“It’s hard to believe,” Nolette said. “It’s hard to accept. It’s happening on the street, it’s happening in our community. It’s an abomination to God. It’s disgusting, and I can tell you right now, people in Chesapeake don’t want it.”

Chesapeake Public Schools issued a statement in support of the ASSC’s right to host the upcoming meeting, though it clarified that the club is not endorsed by the district.

“This is a common practice among school districts across the state and nation,” the statement said. “By law, CPS cannot discriminate on the basis of faith among groups seeking to rent our facilities. ASSC is not a school district-sanctioned club, and no district employee serves as a club sponsor.”

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