Aggressive mind traps win with defense


Nets were built to outrun opponents. To collect points and have one of the league’s most aesthetically pleasing lineups.

His improved defense, however, may be one of the reasons he makes the best record in the Eastern Conference in Wednesday’s game against the Celtics. On Monday night, it promoted his latest victory.

“We just went to change everything from 1 to 4. But more importantly, we were told we had to go to the body,” coach Steve Nash said of the Cavaliers’ win over the Cavaliers in which the Nets held the Cavs. 49 second-half points and 38 percent shooting from the field. “We closed them in the second half. That’s what we said to them, ‘We have to win this game with Defense,’ and they did it.… [Our offense] Came out of our defense. It got us out of stops, it was a transition or a semi-conversion, and we had to take action quickly and create better scoring opportunities for ourselves. I think the defense led to the offense.

Blake Griffin defends the shot put by Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen.
USA Today Sports

At least before that, the Nets have improved so much on that end of the floor, producing a defensive rating of 104.7, the eighth-best mark in the league since finishing lower-third a year ago. This can be attributed to several additions, including guards Patty Mills, Jevon Carter and D’Andre Bembry and wing James Johnson. This has helped ease Kyrie Irving’s season-long absence from the team after refusing to comply with the New York City vaccine order.

“This year we have a unique situation and we should try to enjoy finding an identity with this group,” Nash said.



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