AI bot that can do schoolwork could ‘blow up’ US education system, youngest at greatest risk: ex-teacher

The emergence of artificially intelligent chatbots capable of completing student assignments is leading to a crisis in learning and forcing teachers to completely rethink how they teach in schools, says a former teacher.

“Introducing new AI technologies into schools that allow students to automatically generate essays has the potential to explode our writing curriculum,” Crush the College Essay founder and writing coach Peter Laffin told Fox News. “It might force us to rethink it from the beginning, and that might be a good thing in the end.”

Last week, OpenAI introduced the technology company AI chatbot, ChatGPT, has impressed users with its advanced features. A language model can automatically generate school essays for any grade level, answer open-ended analysis questions, design marketing proposals, write jokes, poems, and even computer code.



The Internet is predicting how this sophisticated technology could affect several industries and make countless jobs obsolete. But Laffin’s main concern is its impact on education.

“I believe that students can use this technology to complete assignments without being detected,” he told Fox News. “It will be difficult for teachers to tell the difference.”

According to Laffin, young students in particular are at risk of losing the most from chatbots. Likewise, inner-city schools with lower teacher-to-student ratios make it harder to identify, as teachers are less familiar with their students’ work. Using AI.

“The easier it is for young students, the more problems it creates,” Laffin told Fox News.

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OpenAI’s mock essay prompt included in ChatGPT shows that high school-aged students can use this new technology.

College students who use ChatGPT to complete busy assignments are less disruptive because “you’re already sophisticated enough to understand the content,” Laffin explained. But if young students use AI for a task like writing a history paper, “you’ve not only cheated in the writing exercise, you’ve cheated yourself in learning history.”


The based on artificial intelligence ChatGPT has gained worldwide attention and exceeded 1 million users in less than a week. Also, a high-end AI text generator with a user-friendly interface has been made available to the public for free for the first time.

Former English teacher Peter Laffin says teachers need to be aware of their students' writing styles and rework assignment formats to prevent abuse of ChatGPT in their classrooms.

Former English teacher Peter Laffin says teachers need to be aware of their students’ writing styles and rework assignment formats to prevent abuse of ChatGPT in their classrooms.

“The fact that this could lead to a crisis in education could ultimately work to our advantage,” Laffin said. “Because writing is something we don’t teach very well.”

A writing coach recommended that teachers develop their own assignments and move away from traditional five-paragraph essays. Instead, they should create innovative teaching models, he said.

“School practices are always a bit behind the latest technology,” Laffin told Fox News. “You can always be sure that the kids are one step ahead of the teachers, so you have to be very vigilant about that.”

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