Airplane passenger wakes up to child drawing on sock: ‘Only yourself to blame’

It was a gra-feet-ti incident in flight.

A woman on a plane was horrified to find a boy drawing on her sock when she woke up – but many commenters said she deserved the tag on her toe.

The footage of the horrific incident was originally shared by British travel blogger Julie Valentine, but has since gone viral after it was uploaded online. Instagram page “Shaming Passengers”.

“I woke up to some random kid drawing on my sock,” read the caption of the video, which took place on an unidentified flight.

In the clip, a woman can be seen clutching her socked leg, which is decorated with abstract writing drawn with a purple marker.

Interestingly, his square tapestry didn’t get much sympathy from the Gram reviewer. Some critics have even claimed that the flyer deserves a mile-high wallpaper for sticking his feet up between the seat and the cabin wall — a big no-no in terms of airplane etiquette.

A plane passenger woke up to find a boy drawing on his sock – but many commentators said he deserved it.

“Your foot was in their gap, it became their paper,” the latter sneered, “Only yourself to blame. If your feet were in a place where they could be ‘pulled,’ they are in the wrong place.

“So wait… they are [sic] legs in the space of the front seat and on top of them was a colored child? Huh. “Good for this kid,” praised one.

“He trained this kid and served the whole plane,” quipped one of Gram’s jokes, referring to children’s tantrums on airplanes.

Meanwhile, some armchair airplane experts felt both sides were wrong: “On the one hand, tell your kids not to paint on people’s socks,” said one. “On the other hand, please tell your grown-up friend not to put a foot in other people’s shoes.”

Most reviewers felt that the passenger deserved it for having his feet up in the space of his colleague.
Most reviewers felt that the passenger deserved it for having his feet up in the space of his colleague.

Some parties believed that the flyer was wrong because he took off his shoes on the plane. “Keep your shoes to yourself,” raged another, while one wrote, “Keep your socks inside your shoes. This isn’t your private spa day, it’s public transport.

Travel account @lifesatripwithsk concluded an excellent discussion about airplane socks:

“We get asked a lot about wearing socks on planes and we agree 100%… IF they are clean, don’t smell and stay in your seat and don’t lean on different parts of the plane,” they wrote. “If you’ve flown first or business class, you’ve probably been gifted a pair of socks or slippers, so that’s for sure.”

They added, “Oh, and never ever go to the bathroom without shoes on, because the liquid on the floor is NOT WATER.”

The passenger presents her dirty feet to the camera.
The passenger presents her dirty feet to the camera.

This isn’t the first time someone has been burned for a pedi crime on board.

In August, a Southwest Airlines passenger rebelled against his fellow passengers after using his false leg to close the window shade in another row, according to a new video.


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