Alex Murdog defends fifth, refuses to indict himself in law firm abuse case


Alex Murdog, a disgraced lawyer and former volunteer prosecutor from a powerful Democratic South Carolina law family, pleaded guilty last week to a lawsuit alleging that he had embezzled millions from a major law firm founded by his great-grandfather.

Murdog acknowledges the allegations contained in the first three paragraphs of Friday’s motion complaint in Colleton County, which essentially establishes Peters, Murdog, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick, PA, or PMPED, as offices in Hampton. , Colleton and Jasper Counties. Murdog was a citizen and resident of Coleton County, and Murdog was an employee and shareholder of PMPED prior to September 3.

But at paragraphs 4 to 36, Murdog “pledges his prerogative against self-deception guaranteed by the United States and South Carolina constitutions and respectfully refuses to answer,” wrote his lawyers, Jim Griffin and Dick Harpootlian. The decision to uphold the fifth means Murdorf does not have to immediately answer the details surrounding his humiliating departure from the law firm – and in its timing, Murdog resigned one day before the Labor Day weekend to organize his own suicide. The son can collect $ 10 million in life insurance.

Alex Murdog was denied bond a second time after a court review of a psychiatric evaluation

According to the complaint filed on behalf of PMPED, Murdog was converting his client’s and law firm’s funds to his own use through a fraudulent Bank of America account without permission. The account name is “Alexander Murdaugh d / b / a Forge,” which is a fictional entity that does not offer any services and does not sell any products.

Murdog named this account similar to Forge Consulting, LLC in Columbia, a respected company that previously provided services to PMPED, including broking structured settlements and annuities, creating special trusts to protect client assets, and providing financial advice to attorneys.

Murdog indictments: Accused lawyer, alleged hitman charges enhanced by SC grand jury decision

Murdog was able to secretly steal the settlement payments, such as the annuity company, the trust account, or the structured settlement he had earned when customers deposited him into a fictitious account at Bank of America. As stated in the complaint. He took advantage of Forge and his fictitious and misleading business name business to make draft checks from PMPED’s client trust account payable to “Forge” or “Forge Consulting, LLC” and deposit those checks into his personal account.

The complaint states that until September 2, PMPED was unaware of Murdaf’s plan, which had a sign indicating that the check was paid to his name instead of the law firm on his desk and that it was deposited into Murdag’s personal account.

The firm then reviewed the dispositions of cases handled by Murdog and found several checks payable to Forge. PMPED contacted the consulting firm, which said it was not helping Murdog and was unaware of the improper use of its name.

On the morning of September 3, Murdog faced PMPED’s findings through his review and conversations with Forge. The complaint states that Murdog admitted that he had converted the money owed to the law firm and its clients for his personal use. The firm demanded Murdog’s immediate resignation, which he accepted later that afternoon.

Murdog’s suspected criminal activity to the PMPED Hampton County Sheriff’s Office and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in September. 4 indicated on. Murdog was recently indicted by a Hampton County grand jury for the alleged suicide shootings that same day. Conspiracy, false claim or payment of $ 10,000 or more and filing a false police report.

Murdog has admitted that Hitman hired Curtis Smith to shoot him on the side of the road in Hampton County, so that his surviving son, Buster, could collect a $ 10 million life insurance policy. But Smith escaped, with Murdog grazing his head, and the judge later released Murdog on his own recognizance, allowing him to return to out-of-state rehabilitation facilities to treat 20-year-old opioid addiction.

Murdog’s addiction worsened after the unsolved murders of his wife Maggie and his 22-year-old son Paul on June 7 at his estate in Coleton County. State police have launched several investigations into the family following the double homicide.

Murdog was arrested again in October and has been denied bond on new charges alleging that he pocketed $ 3.4 million in settlement after the 2018 death of his longtime nanny and housekeeper Gloria Satterfield. Last week, the judge upheld the decision to refuse bond to Murdog after receiving the results of his psychiatric evaluation, declaring a humiliated lawyer a danger to himself and the community.

On behalf of the family of Mallory Beach, the 19-year-old boat crash victim, a different judge recently moved to freeze assets belonging to Alex and Buster Murdog to protect future potential settlements in their wrongful death lawsuit. Prosecutors say Paul Murdog, now deceased, was killed when he was drunk when he crashed into his father’s boat.


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