American girl accused of ‘burning children’ with book about gender identity, transition

Parents protested American girl book it encourages young girls to explore their gender and offers resources that promote transgender ideologies. A mother in Rhode Island is now calling for a boycott.

Nicole Solas, a mother and associate at the Center for Freedom in Education at the Independent Women’s Forum, called Fox and Friends “disappointing” on Thursday. She warned that parents could no longer trust the American Girl brand, which she called out for promoting a “dangerous awakening” to young girls.

The Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image provides resources for young girls who are interested in learning about their gender identity but don’t have adults to confide in. However, Solas argued that the book was promoting a harmful ideology without parental consent.

American Girl’s Smart Girl Guide: Body Image explains gender expression and defines cisgender and nonbinary.
(American Girl)


“This book tells little girls that stopping puberty is a way to love their bodies,” Solas told host Ainsley Ehrhardt. “It’s actually teaching them self-loathing. It’s not teaching them confidence or body positivity.”

“It’s scary how this book can lead kids like a 10-year-old girl to seek out strangers for medical advice on how to take puberty blockers.”

KTTH Seattle radio talk show host Jason Rantz said on “Fox News @ Night” that the ideology is being introduced to children at a “very young age.” She then went on to say that the ultimate goal is to encourage young girls to reconsider their gender.

“They see it as an opportunity not only to … normalize transgenderism at a young age, but to convince more people that they are transgender so that they look better when they’re older,” Rantz said.

Solas said the message “gaslights” children by presenting transgender ideology in a positive and normalized way. He urged parents to be vigilant in studying books and movies in front of their children.

American Girl joins the likes of Disney, which has come under fire for pushing a “woke” agenda as a brand aimed at families and kids. Solas called on parents to boycott the American Girl brand, saying they deserve to lose revenue as a result.

American Girl’s book, The Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, talks about “body dysmorphia” and encourages young girls to seek medical help if they feel uncomfortable with their gender.
(American Girl)

“Each of us has the right to control the upbringing and education of our children,” he said. “It’s a brand that interferes with the parenting relationship between parent and child, and it’s dangerous for little girls.”

Solas said it’s “terrifying” that the book for little girls has specific information about what to expect when talking to a doctor about pronouns and puberty blockers.

“You really don’t know what the woke industrial complex is doing when it’s destroying one American brand after another,” he said.

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