An interesting ESPN competition will be next after Kirk Herbstreit

after the Todd Blackledge It will be a battle for ESPN’s No. 2 college football QB to become NBC’s lead play-by-play analyst for Big Ten football in the fall from ESPN.

It will be deep Robert Griffin III and others Greg McElroy. One was a Heisman Trophy winner and the other was a national champion.

Let’s break it down:

1. Game analyst position number 2, next to it Sean McDonough, authoritative. Blackledge currently calls the College Football Playoff semifinals on television and the championship game on radio. McDonough and Blackledge also get the second best game after each week Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit.

2. It’s also like a vice-presidential position, putting an analyst at the sport’s most powerful post, held by Herbstreit. Herbstreit just signed a new ESPN contract and isn’t going anywhere. However, Herbstreit expanded to the NFL full-time this season on Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football.” Harbstreit, who was tough, not great, side by side Al Michaelsalready talked about not being able to do both forever.

Kirk Herbstreit (R) acknowledged the challenge of doing double duty on ESPN’s college football and Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” package with Al Michaels.
Main video

3. McElroy, an Alabama grad, worked with ESPN for nearly a decade after a brief NFL career when he was drafted by the Jets. He is currently in the same team Joe Tessitore. RGIII, who won the Heisman with Baylor in 2011, has seen rapid growth at ESPN in just his second season. After a new year of working in the studio and with Mark Jones replaced ESPN RGIII in the games Randy Moss On “Monday Night Countdown.”

4. Dan Orlovsky may be in the mix, but unlikely. After playing a handful this year, Orlovsky is slated to call seven NFL games on Monday Night Football’s second team next season, which doesn’t completely exclude him from being promoted in college, where he already works. Bob Vischusen.

5. However, sources claim that RGIII vs. McElroy is said to be, and it would be very surprising if one of those two wasn’t up for the role. The contest will have additional results starting in 2024, when ESPN takes over all of the top SEC games, including CBS’ current package.

Quick clicks

Rookie studio analyst Sean Payton and Fox Sports has done a good job of handling its coaching prospects. Instead of getting tough, Payton answered questions on “Fox NFL Kickoff” and “Fox NFL Sunday.” … In the opening window, with Patriots-Bills, Dolphins-Jets and Steelers-Browns potentially determining which team would make the playoffs, CBS showed scores from other games, making it easy to shop in one window to find out what’s what. was happening. Fox did the same, which was good to see after Fox failed to do so when it came to the question of which nations would advance in the World Cup group stage games. … CBS’s leading player Jim Nantz uses the term “oh my gosh” as an over-the-top stick – or he’s trying to turn it into his late-night version Dick Enberg“Oh my!” … on Steelers-Browns, CBS’ Greg Gumbel very uneven performance, missing or late to several calls. … ESPN flipped its “E” mic flag upside down to look like a “3.” Damar Hamlin during the broadcast of the Jaguars-Titans game on Saturday. That was the idea Steve Ackels, ESPN’s VP of production, before the game. … As a two-time Olympic gold medalist skier Mikaela Shiffrin matched Lindsay VonnThe women’s World Cup record was set on Sunday, with NBC broadcasting the race on its Ski and Snowboard Live site. It will be rebroadcast on Peacock on Tuesday.

Schein time has come

Adam Schein smiles in the CBS Sports Network studio.
If ESPN New York were to replace Michael Kay as its daytime radio host, Adam Schein has the right credentials.
CBS Sports Network

If Michael Kay in the afternoon, ESPN goes on in New York, the loyalty factor dictates it Don La GrecaThe ESPN NY original and to a lesser extent, Peter Rosenberg should be considered as the successor of Kai as a householder. Ultimately, however, the idea is to hire the best person for the job.

Here’s an interesting name for me: SiriusXM/CBS Sports’ Adam Schein.

Schein is perfect for an afternoon drive in New York because he knows how to put on a show, is relatively young (45) and grew up studying SCIENCE. When you hear it, there are shades of it Chris Russo, Mike Francesa and Steve Somers, among others. It’s like a smorgasbord of everything that makes New York sports radio work. And it fits the ESPN brand because it plays clean and focuses on sports.

In our original column about Kay’s potential departure, we mentioned Russo, which would be very interesting and would make for a heated battle with his old friends at WFAN. If you’re ESPN, you should look into it, especially if the plan is to only offer Kay so much money that he stays. You can turn around and try to do it with Rousseau.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo would be an interesting pick, but his contract runs through next year.
Getty Images for SiriusXM,

Russo would be an interesting choice, and ESPN is already in touch with First Take.

At 63 and not slowing down, Russo could work, but his contract with SiriusXM doesn’t expire until 2024. In addition to being younger, Shein is out of contract with SiriusXM (his contract with CBS runs through 2024).

The peacock covers the black bird

First impressions are harder to shake than ever on social media. That’s why it’s so important to have a coverage plan for your new broadcast package right from the first game. Is that fair? No, but it is.

We always like to wait before passing judgment on a crew, good or bad, but NBC chooses to establish Big Ten credibility by pushing Blackledge from ESPN and then going with a senior who has already shown real chops. Noah Eagle is an inspired choice. As I wrote the other day, it’s old school and new school.

It’s important to start with credibility with your audience right away. Amazon Prime Video did it on Thursday Night Football. Although Michaels and Herbstreit didn’t come close to achieving Herbstreit’s goal of being the best broadcaster in sports, it was solid. Even though Michaels showed Amazon’s TNF as a secondary package and Herbstreit didn’t have the same reputation in the NFL as he did in college, they were pretty good. Anyone in business who has had to put together a booth from scratch or even on the fly knows it’s no easy task, especially at the level the NFL demands.

ESPN TV analyst Todd Blackedge walks the field before a 2009 college football game.
Todd Blackledge will give NBC’s Big Ten package debut next season a moment of confidence.
Getty Images

Industry snipes like to point out that NBC has secured many of Amazon’s producers, starting with the executive producer. Fred Gaudelli. What ever. It was an Amazon product, and it started off strong, from its studio to its games. You can have an opinion one way or another about how good it was, but it was definitely convincing.

From what we’ve heard from Blackledge and Eagle over the decades, we’d expect similar results from NBC’s new crew.

The end of an era

Taylor Twellman Leaving ESPN seems to close the book on live soccer on the network, at least for now. The network still has a very good portfolio on ESPN+, which includes La Liga, Bundesliga and the FA Cup, but it does not produce matches and does not broadcast important events such as the World Cup, European Championships. Champions League and local MLS. It still has a good showing on “ESPNFC”, but it is a special product for international players.

ESPN president John Skipper helps announce the network's broadcast rights deal with MLS in 2014.
John Skipper, the former president of ESPN, should be considered a major influence on American football coverage.
Corbis via Getty Images

John Skipper He wasn’t very good at running ESPN, but he was important to the growth of football and how it was covered, finding people who appreciated the sport and raised the bar on coverage. It was personal to him and it came across in a positive way in this publication.

ESPN continued to spend money on major rights and had to make some important relationship decisions. The biggest was the Big Ten, but football is up there. I’m sure ESPN will be there when the World Cup is offered again for the 2030 event. It might even win it over, so it’s another chapter of ESPN becoming the dominant football network again.

The people who have produced ESPN’s soccer coverage over the years should be proud of what they have accomplished, as they have helped raise the bar for what American viewers can expect.

Curb your passion

Sights: Greg HughesConfronted with NBC Sports’ executive vice president of communications Larry David Capo in Santa Monica. David said he didn’t trust Hughes sat down Hughes is in the “ugly department.” Classic.

This allows me to share my experience with David again. A few years ago, at the height of the Francesa-Kay sports radio war, she was at an event with David Kay. He told Kay, and this is a second-hand quote: “What’s up with this guy Marchand? Is his job just to cover you? “

I was told that David was interested in all the radio ratings.


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