An NFT Guy Who Said A Car Crash Put Him In A Five-Month Coma Was Making The Whole Thing Up

@LittleShapesNFT, who was referring to an NFT project consisting of 4,444 images of different shapes, said it was generated by a physics engine, later tweeting a photo showing “Leaving the hospital

Then came the gut punch. “What happened to my FTX account?“He tweeted, followed by one after another.”Oh my God“During this period @LittleShapesNFT said he was in a coma, Crypto exchange FTX had collapsed spectacularly, stripping him and many other investors of their cash.

The story went viral, and a The series of crypto publications Covered by infidelity Story by @LittleShapesNFT. Run a site Exclusive interview with the victimwho told them he had been T-boned by a Ford F-150 and had lost millions of dollars in FTX while in a coma.

“The story of the owner behind Small Forms reads more like a script for a Hollywood thriller than a real-life story shared on Twitter,” the piece began, “so I asked the owner of the accounts for some of his most essential Contact for context. Crazy experience.”

The reason the story sounds “like a Hollywood thriller script” is because, BuzzFeed News can now reveal, the story was completely fabricated.

But the hoax was not, as one might expect, designed to drum up interest in the Little Sheep NFT project. The 23-year-old Miamian behind @LittleShapesNFT, who asked to use the pseudonym Atto, told BuzzFeed News he made it all as part of a plan to get attention for his allegations about the way the NFT industry is corrupt. Claims he’s going public with today..

On January 5, Atto first admitted to BuzzFeed News that his story was fake, when we caught up with him to talk about his incredible story. (BuzzFeed News did not publish that the coma story was made up at the time of the condition that it had access to the results of Atto’s investigation before the release.) He said that the photo of the hospital bed that started the whole story. was provided by an NFT. His world friend. The tweet, containing handwritten evidence of the date, was shot outside a local hospital. He also had no money in FTX.

And the evidence he presented to the critics in the coming days, Including medical billsThere were forgeries created using online image manipulation sites. Tweets posted by him. Was also wrong about his struggle to tell his wife about his financial loss. “Yeah, bro, I’m 23,” he said when asked if his spouse had cheated. “Fuck the wife.”

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