An Ohio mother learns her son vandalized a local store and takes him to the store owner to apologize and pay for the damage.

An Ohio store owner who was the victim of an attempted home invasion is praising the assailant’s mother after she forced her son to apologize for his crime and pay restitution.

“Oh, it’s a big credit to this mother. You can tell she loves her child, cares about her,” Jim Grenig, owner of Aaron’s Sign Shop in Garfield Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, told Fox 8.

Security footage from the early morning hours of Dec. 3 showed the suspect attempting to kick in the store’s door, but ultimately failing.

“He kicked in the door and took down my ad that I put in the window, so I wanted to put this guy in front and let everyone see what he did, hopefully to shame him and maybe come forward and admit what he did.” Grenig said earlier this month before the suspect came forward. About $600 worth of damage was caused by the accident.

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Aaron Sign Store in Garfield Heights, Ohio.
(Google Maps)

In addition to calling the police, Grenig said, he also created a large “Wanted” sign with screenshots of the surveillance video that he posted outside the store. He also posted a video of the incident on social media in hopes of finding the culprit.

The perpetrator came forward last week — after his mother called Grenig and said her son wanted to apologize and make amends, Fox 8 reported.

“He said, ‘Mom, I did something wrong.’ I’m in the news. “I’m afraid to even go to work,” Grenig said.


The unidentified mother and son visited with Grenig last week to apologize and explained that it was a difficult Friday night before Aaron Sign decided to vandalize the store.

“The guy was at a bar in Garfield Heights on Friday night, he was jumped and pistol-whipped, he drank some alcohol, he passed out, he was hurt, he wasn’t thinking straight, he came and kicked in the door,” he said. Grenig.

Civic Center in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Civic Center in Garfield Heights, Ohio.
(City of Garfield Heights/Facebook)

“I was crazy. I wanted malice, I wanted evil, I wanted revenge, I wanted this and that. You know, because all the people I’ve known in my life gave me a break, I gave this kid a break,” he added.

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In addition to the mother and son apologizing for trying to break the son, the son signed an agreement that the son would pay compensation every month. Grenig agreed to remove the “Wanted” flag he had posted after the settlement.

The Aaron Sign store is visible on the right side of the road in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

The Aaron Sign store is visible on the right side of the road in Garfield Heights, Ohio.
(Google Earth)

“This mother took the bull by the horns and made it happen. She brought her son to me,” Grenig said.

Even the mayor praised the mother for her education.

“It’s unbelievable that this parent did what they did. It’s an unbelievable way to parent and it should be an example of what other parents can do,” Garfield Heights Mayor Matt Burke told Fox 8.

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