Anderson Cooper created a fake personality to sell his mother’s artwork


He is a dedicated son.

Anderson Cooper has admitted that he used a fake online persona to help his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, sell her artwork on Instagram.

The LOVEBYLIFE anchor, 54, made an honest confession in an interview “Late Night with Seth Meyers” When Monday’s talk turned to Vanderbilt, Who died in 2019.

Vanderbilt is a famous successor and a leading painter who has led critically acclaimed exhibitions over several decades.

“My mother died when she was 95, but she was 91 years old … she wasn’t painting,” Cooper told Meyers.

“[Then] I introduced her to Instagram, which she thought was magic. I got her on Instagram, then I created an account for her artwork to get her out of bed and paint.

Vanderbilt’s account quickly amassed thousands of followers, and fans began to inquire about buying paintings.

The elderly heir had no assistant to help with the affairs, so she enlisted her famous son to help.

“She said, ‘Well, why don’t we invent a woman of a certain age, Monica, who has been a long-time trusted assistant, and you’re a Monica and you answer all the DMs on Instagram to buy my artwork,'” Cooper explained. The studio audience was engulfed in laughter for Meyers.

The LOVEBYLIFE presenter did exactly what his mother said – he spent the next several years negotiating the affairs of the paintings simultaneously with his on-air anchor duties.

“I am in Baghdad and I am in between things [talking to a buyer] ‘Do you want a laminated white frame?’ Become Monica, ”Cooper jokingly recalled.

Vanderbilt has been a major painter for many decades. Cooper created an Instagram account for her to help her return to art. She was depicted in 1976.
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Cooper was incredibly close to his mother, with whom he wrote a 2016 autobiography entitled “The Rainbow Comes and Goes.”

Earlier this month, he spoke candidly about the sweet final moments he shared with Vanderbilt before he passed away from stomach cancer.

“We’ve had something amazing together over the last week or two. We sleep on her bed and hold hands,” she told her best friend Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy.

He also revealed that he had also watched an old video of Vanderbilt singing Peggy Lee’s song “This Is All There Is”.

“She started singing with it and I started singing,” Cooper told Cohen. “And then we had this wonderful moment where she held my hand while we were singing and we danced. And it was beautiful.”

Earlier this year, Cooper finally marketed his mother’s Manhattan apartment for a relatively modest $ 1.15 million.

Vanderbilt and Cooper were very close to each other.
Vanderbilt and Cooper were very close to each other.
Dave Aloka / Starpix

Located in Midtown East at 30 Beekman Place, the two-bedroom, two-full bathroom apartment has been owned by Vanderbilt for more than two decades.

The socialite, fashion designer, artist and heir initially moved to the residence in 1997 and spent the following years painting artwork in their apartment, eventually selling to Cooper on Instagram.



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