Andrew Yang in contact with Governor Kuomo: “I worked with his brother on .”

New York Mayor Hope Andrew Young said on Thursday that he would have a good relationship with Albany if elected – because he is friends with the governor’s brother, . presenter Chris Cuomo.

In the Democratic Party’s first contest on CBS 2 in New York, when asked how candidates would deal with Governor Andrew Cuomo, Yang said he was friends with his fiery anchor.

“I called Governor Kuomo several times,” Yang replied. “I worked with his brother on ..”

The brothers were criticized after it was revealed that Kuomo had recently advised his brother Chris on how to respond to allegations of sexual harassment.

. acknowledged that it had joined a series of strategic exercises to help the high-anchor governor, and said his participation was a “mistake” and would not be repeated.

The Cuomo Prime Time host also admitted it was a mistake to advise his brother and apologized for putting his colleagues in a “bad place”.

Chris Cuomo and Andrew Yang were recently colleagues on CNN.
Chris Cuomo and Andrew Yang were recently colleagues on ..
Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Yang, a technology entrepreneur and a failure in the 2020 presidential election, stressed the importance of a relationship with the governor and vowed to avoid “accumulating cheap political points” if he becomes mayor.

But supervisor Scott Stringer jumped at Yang’s response and told him, “Your approach is simplicity. Albany doesn’t work that way. “

“The forces around the state don’t want us to get decent funding. It’s not enough to say that everyone will be friends, dude, ”Stringer kissed.

He added: “Albani will follow you. Albany will bring you down. ”

Stringer also slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio, accusing him of “wronging” his relationship with Kuomo, who has been accused of fostering a culture of bullying and intimidation in his administration.

Scott Stringer and Andrew Yang in the mayor's debate.
Scott Stringer and Andrew Yang in the mayor’s debate.

“Mayor de Blasio played checkers when Andrew Cuomo had to play chess,” Stringer said. “No one steals my lunch money when I’m mayor of Albany.”

Yang replied, “The state needs a city, the city needs a state, and the two walk side by side.”

“It’s easier to work with someone who doesn’t want to score political points, who just wants to get the job done,” he continued. “This is the kind of leadership the city has been waiting for.”


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