Android Auto No Longer Works On Phones, But There’s An Alternative

Android Auto, the popular in-car infotainment system developed by Google, has recently stopped working on smartphones. However, there’s a new alternative that drivers can use to stay connected while on the road.

Android Auto was designed to allow users to access their favorite apps and services directly from their car’s dashboard display. The app was previously available on smartphones, but Google recently announced that it would no longer be supported on mobile devices.

The decision has left many Android Auto users frustrated, but there is a new option available that can help fill the gap left by the discontinuation of the app. The alternative is called “Android Auto for Phone Screens,” and it allows users to access the same features and services that were available in the original Android Auto app, but on their phone screens.

The new app is available for download from the Google Play Store and can be used on any Android phone running Android 12 or higher. Once installed, users can connect their phone to their car’s Bluetooth or USB port and access their favorite apps and services through the app’s user interface.

Android Auto for Phone Screens includes a range of features, including the ability to use voice commands to control apps, access to Google Maps for navigation, and the ability to make and receive calls and messages hands-free.

While the discontinuation of the original Android Auto app on smartphones is undoubtedly a disappointment for many users, the release of Android Auto for Phone Screens offers a viable alternative that can help drivers stay connected and focused on the road.

Google has not given a specific reason for the discontinuation of Android Auto on smartphones, but it is likely that the company is shifting its focus to developing the app for use exclusively on in-car displays. Regardless of the reason, Android Auto for Phone Screens offers a solution for those who still want to access the app’s features on their phones.

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