Apple sparks outrage with ‘unacceptable’ and ‘cringey’ Black History Month fitness challenge

Apple has been criticized on social media for its response to its Black History Month fitness challenge, which rewards participants with a “Unity Award” for exercising seven days a week.

The challenge gained attention on TikTok when user @prettycritical shared the notification on his AppleWatch, calling it “unbelievable” and “unacceptable”.

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“Unity Challenge: Let’s Come Together to Honor Black History,” the challenge read. Tick ​​tock. “Earn this Unity Award by closing your Move Ring for seven consecutive days during February.”

“Good morning everyone, except Apple, who notified me this morning,” TikToker @prettycritical said in his video.

“I just think it’s incredible and unacceptable that, especially in the wake of Tyr Nichols’ murder, the one thing Apple has to say about honoring black people and black history is our Use the product, maybe use a little weight, I mean” on,” she added in response to the challenge.

Tycoon was flooded with dozens of comments from other users criticizing Apple’s move.

“Losing weight to end racism was not a way I thought I’d ever heard of,” one user wrote.

“Sat on the couch for 7 days to get mad at them for it,” another Commented.

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Other users quickly pushed back against @prettycritical’s challenge.

“The watch is meant to encourage fitness and will link it to current events,” one user wrote. “We can read deeper into it but I don’t think we need to.”

“I think you’re approaching Miss Mama like black and white. We should stop thinking that everything is against us. It’s not malicious,” another user commented. @prettycritical clarified that she doesn’t think the move is malicious, but “deaf and cynical.”

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In a press release detailing its plans for Black History Month, Apple explained that its fitness app will share new workouts throughout the month of February.

“Apple celebrates Black History Month with exclusive content and curated launches celebrating Black culture and community,” press release Read.

According to the company, “Throughout February, Apple Watch users can participate in the Unity Challenge and earn a limited-edition award by wearing their Move Ring seven days in a row.”

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