Apple to allow alternative app stores on iPhones and iPads in response to EU law: report

Apple is preparing to allow alternative app stores on its iPhone and iPad devices to comply with a new European competition law later next year, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

As part of the changes, customers would be able to install apps on their iPhones and iPads without using the company’s App Store, according to the report.

However, Apple has not decided whether to allow other provisions of the law, such as its own payment systems.

Allowing its payment method to be bypassed could cost Apple billions of dollars in revenue from taking up to 30% commission on App Store purchases.

The iPhone maker has previously said that allowing sideloading or bypassing of its App Store exposes users to security and privacy risks. But some regulators and critics, such as Fortnite developer Epic Games, say those concerns are overblown.

Rival Google has allowed sideloading on phones running its Android operating system for years, warning users about security issues.

Apple did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

According to the report, Apple’s software engineering and services staff are engaged in a major initiative to open key elements of Apple’s platforms.


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