As if Alicia Silverstone would be caught in anything less than her iconic Clueless plaid for new Super Bowl commercial

No hate to the Chiefs or Eagles, but if you’re anything like us here. The AV Clubwatching the whole night. Magnificent (Or deep cry) Celebrity commercial cameos are, well, your Super Bowl.

This year’s big game is already off to a promising start on the trailer front with initial yardage, including Promised to appear By DC FlashMarvels Quantum, Screams 6 and more. Now, “actors are recreating iconic and beloved characters for 90 seconds or less to sell us God knows what” with a brilliant play by e-commerce brand Rakuten and their star quarterback Alicia Silverstone. Taking to the field, she looks equally comfortable in it. Yellow plaid as usual.

Extended tear cut Rakuten Commercial

Rakuten (which gives customers cashback on various purchases) doesn’t exactly promise a two-for-one deal, but that’s what they’re giving us in this ad that not only responds to Silverstone. is shown. clueless character as Cher Horowitz, but also as frenemy and antagonist Amber Marians as Elisa Donovan.

“I used to be very clueless. about shopping,” Silverstone opens before extolling Rakuten’s virtues in a variety of classic Cher settings, including her (still incredibly enviable) revolving wardrobe, failing her driving test, and, of course, , a high school debate room, complete with a sharpie pen and chewing gum.

Designer Christian Siriano, who is a close personal friend of Silverstone, also appears in the ad. He took on the challenging task of updating the plaid separates for 2023, which he described as his “dream project” on Instagram (via Page six).

“I think we were riding a really fine line,” Silverstone said of the (honestly very subtle) updates in recent days. The New York Times Interview “Because everyone wants it to be the superior, sophisticated, grown-up version—but still, everyone is completely obsessed with it staying the same.”

Now, we all need it clueless beau Paul Rudd to jump from his Quantum Commercial and in it. If multipleAyat can’t reunite Cher and Josh, what has all this happened for?

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