As woke curriculum increases, classical education booms: Hillsdale College sees 53% increase in applications

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, college enrollments across the country have fallen by about 13 percent. While many colleges are struggling to attract students, many faith-based universities are seeing a surge in applications, pushing classical curricula over enlightened ideologies.

Classics Learning Test (CLT) founder and CEO Jeremy Tate told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday how a classics education is giving many colleges an edge over others across America.

“If you’re watching this, and you graduated college in the sixties or seventies, you probably took American history or economics or Western civilization. But those days are long gone. Now many Colleges have moved toward a kind of God. CART model. But there’s a narrow band,” he said, “schools like the University of Dallas, Franciscan, Benedictine, Hillsdale Grove City College that have maintained the traditional core curriculum. And sometimes doubled.”

Tate explained that the adoption of awakening ideologies and curricula by colleges and universities has been a dangerous trend that has helped increase the demand for faith-based colleges that still use a basic, classical curriculum.

Hillsdale College, for example, recorded a 53 percent increase in applications through April 2022.

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“In fact the story of American higher ed for the last half century has been the story of one college after another really trashing any kind of serious core curriculum,” he said.

Recently, the State University of New York The (SUNY) system will require all new students to take courses on social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion starting in fall 2023.

SUNY Board of Trustees members approved a resolution in November 2021 outlining the addition of several required courses, including a new social justice category.

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State University of New York at Brockport
(SUNY Brockport)

While the resolution wAs approved in November 2021, the social justice course requirement is in effect. All new students Beginning in fall 2023 for bachelor’s degrees, and fall 2024 for first-time associate’s degree students.

Nicholas Giordano, a professor of political science at New York’s Suffolk Community College and a higher education fellow on campus reform, said the new course requirement appears to be part of a political agenda.

“Colleges and universities across the country are incorporating the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Social Justice (DEISJ) as part of their degree requirements. Many colleges and universities seem to be creating productive members of society. would prefer to advance a political agenda instead. Contribute to a competent workforce and understand their civic responsibilities. Continuing down this path will render higher education meaningless,” Giordano said.

In contrast to the DEI movement, Tate explained that the classical curriculum offers a much better way to help educate and prepare children for the future.

“[The curriculum has] The goal of cultivation of virtue, moral formation. This is an incredible education. And they’re bucking the national trend, which is a decline in the reality of young people attending four-year brick-and-mortar liberal arts colleges.”

“I think every parent wants that kind of education for their kids. Every parent and even in the political arena, parents want their kids to go to school and come back more honest. They want their kids to Grow in wonder and curiosity.”

Adam Sibbs of Fox News contributed to this report.

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