Ashton Kutcher didn’t want to be accused of having an affair (or any chemistry whatsoever) with Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in one of the infamous red carpet photos
Image: Charlie Galley (Getty Images)

Come on, people: We can’t wait everyone A pair of co-stars who are happily married (not to each other) have such steamy, barely sexual chemistry. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain On Scenes from a wedding red carpet. Sometimes, they’re just going to act like two distant second cousins. Forced to stand together on grandma’s 87th birthday. And that’s okay.!

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are decidedly in the other camp, as evidenced by their extreme weirdness. Your place or mine Red Carpet Photos, a Fact That Internet-And Mila Kunis, Kutcher’s wife—A pleasant time has passed skewering last few days.

“My wife called me, she texted me and Reese together and she’s like, ‘You guys have to act like each other.’ And I’m like, ‘What’s going on?'” Kutcher said at a recent event. Chicks in the office. podcast (while wearing a well-chosen “dad” hat, no less).

She then explained that she did all of this to defend her marriage from the vicious Hollywood rumor mill. Kunis is at least intimately familiar with it..

“Here’s the thing: If I put my arm around her and be totally friendly with her, I’m going to have a relationship with her. Like, it’s going to be rumored that I’m having an affair with her,” she said. “If I stand next to him and put my hands in my pockets, there’s no way it could be a rumor, a rumor that we don’t like each other,” he continued.

But never fear, Ashton and Reese fans: He’s not physically repulsed by her, Obsessed with the way she smells, or actively fantasizing about doing this romantic comedy with someone else on the planet. “Reese and I are really good friends. We’re really close. I don’t need to defend that,” she said with no (visible) studio gun to her head.

Besides, he assured the podcast’s hosts, for 20 minutes he was yelled at by photographers on all sides.Especially when you are hard of hearing in one ear like Kutcher really, Really Awkward “You’re going to tell me during this entire 20 minute period, at one point, your face won’t look weird?” he asked. “Then you’re better than me, and I’m cool with that.”

Your place or mine Premieres February 10 on Netflix.

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