Ashton Kutcher says he was ‘f—ing pissed’ when Demi Moore released memoir

Ashton Kutcher recently reflected on his eight-year marriage to Demi Moore and being a stepfather to his three teenage girls in their mid-20s.

“I was 26 years old, taking care of an 8-year-old, a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old. This is how some teenage parents should experience their 20s,” “That ’70s Show.” Star said. Esquire in an interview published on Tuesday. “They were great then and are great now.”

The couple also lost a child late in Moore’s pregnancy and struggled to conceive through IVF. She also struggled with alcoholism. Kutcher admitted that overall it was “a lot”.

“Losing a baby that you thought you were going to have, and that close to thinking you were going to have a baby, is really, really painful,” she said of the miscarriage. Said about abortion. “Everybody deals with it in different ways.”

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had been married for eight years, and he was the stepfather of her three daughters. He is pictured here in 2011.
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He continued, “I love children. If I didn’t love children, I wouldn’t have married a woman with three children. The thought of having another child would be unbelievable. Whatever the reason, I want to have it.” That’s it. Experience.”

Kutcher and Moore divorced in 2013.

“Nothing makes you feel like a failure like a divorce,” Kutcher admits. “Divorce feels like a wholesale failure. You failed the marriage.”

However, he said he has tried to learn what he did wrong and “move on,” according to The interviewwhich notes Kutcher’s “shattered” reputation at the time over his alleged infidelity.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have two children together.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have two children together.
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He admitted that he was “furious” when Moore published his 2019 memoir, which brought back a storm of paparazzi scrutiny in his newly sober life, but said he “wouldn’t do anything in that realm.” Don’t want to open.”

“I finally got to a place where the press really gave up on me and [wife] found [Kunis], and my life and my family. And then the next day, [the paparazzi] I’m at my kids’ school,” Kutcher explained. He said he bears no ill will toward Moore himself.

Two years after their divorce in 2013, she married Kunis, who was also her costar on “That ’70s Show.”

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“What made our relationship stronger about Mulla is that I have always admired him,” he said. “Her talents, her skills, her gifts. But I knew she didn’t need me. And she knew I didn’t need her.”

The couple now have two children together: Wyatt, 8, and Dimitri, 6.

“I have young children, and I love my children very much,” Kutcher explained to filmmakers about moving production of his new film “Your Place or Mine” from Georgia to Los Angeles to the Peach State. can incur tax break losses. Outside of his paycheck “I like spending time with them.”

Ashton Kutcher said that Mila Kunis insisted that he do cameos on “That ’90s Show.”
(Billy Kidd for Esquire)

Kutcher and Kunis are also reteaming on “The ’90s Show,” with cameos from their former ’70s characters. He claimed he insisted.

“‘You know, we owe this show our whole career. It doesn’t matter what the script is, we’re doing it,'” Kutcher said Kunis told him, even though he had previously Just wanted to do it.

“I feel very fortunate,” he reflected on his career. “And when you feel blessed and lucky and you have some self-awareness, you realize you didn’t do this on your own. I didn’t do any of this on my own.”

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