Atlanta nurses fired from Emory Healthcare after mocking expectant mothers in TikTok video

They are no longer at birth.

A quartet of Atlanta nurses have been fired after recording a viral TikTok video of them talking about their annoying habits to the patients they were assigned to care for and their families.

“We told you to hit the call light,” one nurse says in the clip. “But every five minutes, your family member comes to the front desk and asks for something else.”

Then a colleague enters the frame and gives a sarcastic impression of a demanding relative.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” he says. “Can I have some water? Excuse me! May I have a blanket?”

Four Emory Healthcare employees appeared in the minute-long clip, which went viral before it was taken down.

Another nurse who appears in the video laments about mothers who ask about the weight of their newborns while holding them.

Four nurses were also fired by the hospital because of the video.
Nurses of Atlanta
In the viral clip, the nurses also mocked the expectant mothers.

The delivery room prank sparked outrage and concern from online observers, many of whom said nurses should not criticize those they are supposed to care for.

“Imagine saying these words with the most women [vulnerable] moments in our lives,” reads one of the posters.

ABC affiliate WSB-TV confirmed that all of the nurses in the video have been fired.

Hospital statement alleging four nurses who recorded a TikTok video harassed expectant mothers.
In a statement, the hospital denied the nurses’ actions.

“This video does not represent our commitment to patient- and family-centered care, and is inconsistent with the values ​​and standards we expect each member of our team to uphold and demonstrate,” Emory University Midtown Hospital said after the video was released.

Former employees made the video as part of TikTok’s “ick” challenge, in which employees complain about the more unpleasant aspects of their jobs.


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