Australian teen killed by shark while trying to swim with dolphins

A teenage girl who jumped off her jet ski to try to swim with dolphins was killed by a shark in Australia on Saturday.

A 16-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a shark in Perth’s Swan River. She later died.

“Possibly a pod of dolphins was seen nearby and the young girl jumped into the water to swim close to the dolphins,” Acting Police Inspector Paul Robinson said. According to ABC News.

The victim’s friends were jet skiing with him at the time of the fatal incident.

“The family wasn’t there when it happened, however, his friends were and as you can imagine it’s a very traumatic event for anyone to witness, so obviously “That we are offering counseling services to anyone who witnessed or was affected by this incident,” Robinson reportedly said.

Some wildlife officials had said that the presence of sharks in the swan waters connecting the Indian Ocean was unusual.

The victim was jet skiing with friends at the time of the fatal attack.
Nine News

Local authorities on the Swan River.
Some wildlife officials said it was unusual for a shark to be in the waters of the Swan River.
Nine News

“I’ve spoken to the fisheries and aquatics police and unfortunately we don’t know what kind of shark it is,” Robinson said.

However, James Cook University Senior Research Fellow Andrew Chen told CNN The rare encounter was not without precedent.

“The estuary of the Swan River is a good habitat for bull sharks and that means people can come into close contact with them,” Chin reportedly said.

“Everyone should follow their local authorities’ swimmer and shark safety advice. [and] Be individually prepared for the worst.”

Locals have left flowers on the beach.
Locals brought flowers to the beach where the young man died.
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The last fatal shark attack in Western Australia was in November 2021 off the coast of Perth.

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