BBC Radio issues apology after trans gamer rails against J.K. Rowling for ‘transphobia’: ‘We fell short here’

Gamer Stacey Henley lashed out at “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling in an interview on BBC radio last Thursday, accusing her of alleged transphobia, saying her website was showing new releases. “Hogwarts Legacy” will not report the video game because Rowling

“The reason is not us. [supporting the game] It’s true that Harry Potter, and the world that Harry Potter portrays, is only associated with JK Rowling, but she has a platform that she uses to promote transphobia. Which she uses to promote transphobia, especially in the UK,” she said.

“Endorsing this game gives JK Rowling a platform on which to hurt people,” he added.

Henley, editor-in-chief of Gamer, a website that includes video game news coverage, guides to games and more, aired some of his complaints with the response he’s received on Twitter to Rowling’s disapproval. .

‘Harry Potter’ Author JK Rowling Roasted for Supporting Researcher Defending Biological Gender Identity

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has come under fire in recent years for her alleged ‘transphobic’ remarks. (Dia Dipasupil)

“Harry Potter” fans aren’t being asked to forget all their childhood memories of the franchise, but instead to focus on the future implications of Rowling’s rhetoric for the transgender community, she said. Must be focused.

The BBC issued a statement responding to Henley’s remarks: “We accept that there was insufficient challenge to the claims that were made and we fell short here.”

“This is a difficult and controversial area that we try very hard to cover,” the statement continued. “However, we should have challenged the claims directly and we apologize that we did not,” the statement said.

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Henley also took to Twitter to share some of the criticism she’s received for criticizing Rowling, tweeting a photo of a hateful message from a biological woman on Monday and captioning it, “This is just a small sample. is what you have to deal with if you criticize Harry Potter JK Rowling knows she attracts these followers and never calls them out, she just keeps her hands clean with dog whistles and Helping you is with the bad guys.”

Radio host Evan Davis, who spoke with Henley during an interview on February 2, also tweeted.

“I think maybe we got stuck because we weren’t really trying hard to discuss the substance of @jk_rowling or her views. We weren’t intended or cast that way,” Davies told “Women in Scotland”. said in a tweet in response. who criticized Henley for making “baseless accusations” and Davis himself for “making the most ill-advised attempts to intervene”.

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Davis called the criticism “fair”, writing in a second tweet, “It was (and was) intended to be about the debate over the game among some fans, making many feel as if they would But when I stressed it, I should have made it clear that @FiveTessi [Henley’s] JK’s ideology is its basis for boycotting the game and it is fiercely contested.”

Henley told Newsweek that he had previously been assured that “the interview would be about boycotting the game, [and] No debate about Rowling’s beliefs.”

A boycott of Rowling’s works has been attempted, with many trans people and trans activists cracking down on her statements in defense of biological women.

In August 2022, BuzzFeed included Rowling on its list of 17 famous people who started out as heroes but ended up as “great villains”, author Hannah Marder wrote, “From beloved children’s author JK Rowling. Became a TERF. [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] After making numerous anti-trans comments, then repeatedly doubling down on them.”

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