Be like Eli: Daniel Jones now has to carry the Giants in the playoffs like Manning did

PHILADELPHIA – It took four years for Eli Manning to win his first playoff game and four years for Daniel Jones to win his first playoff game. .

The Giants didn’t draft Josh Allen to be Manning’s successor. They drafted Daniel Jones to be Manning’s successor.

So now, as the sixth-seeded Giants set their sights on the Vikings in Minneapolis, the mandate for Daniel Jones:

Be Eli Manning.

Bring on the Vikings and lift your Giants as you have all season. Lift them the way you did in that 27-24 walk-off 61-yard loss on Christmas Eve (30-for-42, 334 yards, one touchdown, one interception and 34 rushing yards) .

Raise your 2022 Giants like Eli Manning raised his 2007 and 2011 Giants.

Jones rested wisely against the top-seeded Eagles on Sunday, surviving a 22-16 rout of the Giants, who played Saquon Barkley and Davis Webb and missed almost all of the day’s starters. and so Jones went into the playoffs armed. with confidence and self-confidence.

No one thought Manning could win three playoff games on the road and upset Brett Favre in the NFC Championship Game at arctic Lambeau Field to reach Super Bowl XLII.

Daniel Jones warms up before the Giants’ loss to the Eagles on Jan. 8.
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This is where legends are born and legacies can be created.

“We’re a confident group,” Jones said. “I think we are playing good football now.”

The Giants who actually played struggled like hell to scare Jalen Hurts, and the Giants who didn’t were believed to have beaten the Vikings last month if not for a self-inflicted rash. When asked if he liked the game, Dexter Lawrence said, “I like us in every way we can get.”

Manning lost his first playoff game in his second season, a 23-0 rout by the Panthers at Giants Stadium (10-for-18 for 113 yards, 3 INTs, 1 fumble). got angry “I didn’t play well and made too many mistakes for us to win today,” he said. “It wasn’t how I wanted to go out and play. I’m looking forward to coming back and getting better.”

He improved significantly in the 2007 playoffs (six touchdowns, one interception), beating Tom Brady and the Perfect Patriots and winning Super Bowl XLII MVP.

I asked Jones if Manning had one favorite playoff memory.

“Apart from the obvious ones, none necessarily stand out,” he said. “I think the clutch will fall into place [Mario] Manning is on the sidelines [Super Bowl XLVI]hits the clutch [David] Tire is clear [Super Bowl XLII]and how big he was in those games when the team needed him the most and he gave up and made plays.

Jones was 10 years old when Manning first rocked the world. He was 14 when Manning beat Brady the second time. He’s 25 years old and has grown up with a current head coach in Brian Daboll, who has done everything he can to ruin his franchise quarterback by bringing the franchise cycle to an abrupt halt.

Center John Feliciano was a 2019-21 bill. I asked him if his confidence in Jones was similar to that of Allen.

“One hundred percent, yes,” Feliciano said. “They are different defenders. Obviously, Josh is probably running the ball a little more athletically. I think Daniel is a little more specific. I know people always want to compare them because Daboll coaches them both, but they are different quarterbacks. …Josh has been killing it the last few years. I have no doubt that Daniel can do it.”

Eli Manning
Eli Manning won his first playoff game in his fourth straight season.
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What to do?

“Be with the most famous quarterbacks out there,” Feliciano said.

So do you think he could be this team’s Josh Allen?

“Yes. Or whoever you want to tell,” Feliciano said. “I think he can be the Daniel Jones of our team. I think he can be a top five defenseman in the league.”

Jones has shown himself to be just as unstoppable as the easy-going Eli has been every day for 16 years under the New York microscope. His success this season is a testament to his physical and mental toughness. Despite all the difficulties, he was never afraid. The first in the building, the last to leave. Same guy every day.

He’s like Manning, an athlete who never used his legs as a weapon. But now it’s time for him to channel his inner Manning: the bigger the game, the bigger the play.

I asked him if he thought the Giants would see the Vikings again. “Yeah, we thought so,” Jones said.

He has won five games this season. Manning made five postseason playoff appearances.

“I have a lot of confidence in our team, our guys and what we can do, what we can accomplish,” Jones said. “I think it’s important that we trust each other.”

His media scrum persona is Manningesque. Like me, a fierce competitive fire burns within.

“I think ever since he walked on at Duke, he’s kind of lit himself on fire and he’s never going to stop,” Nick Gates told The Post. “He always has something to prove.”

He proved that he earned his new contract from the Giants. But that’s tomorrow. “It’s a one-game season now,” Barkley said.

Be Eli Manning today.


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