Ben Whishaw doesn’t know if Paddington 3 is happening or not

Last February, the voice actor Shared by Ben Whishaw. That third Paddington The film was slated to enter production by the end of 2022. A year later, things aren’t looking so promising for the beloved Peruvian-born bear.

“I haven’t read the script and I don’t even know when we’re going to shoot it.” This is getting painful. Star says Collider. “I don’t know. I thought it would be done by now, but I don’t know. It’s gone quiet like these things sometimes do. Maybe that means they’re still working on it. have been, or maybe it means it’s not happening, or you don’t know.

Paddington 2 was one of the many standout cinematic achievements of 2017, no easy feat for a year that also delivered other instant classics such as Phantom Thread, Lady BirdAnd get out. Naturally, the demand for a follow-up has been high as the world descends into a darkness that only a very humble bear wearing a little coat and hat can illuminate.

My first hiccup Paddington 3 Pipeline came about after director Paul King, who made the first two pictures, stepped aside in favor of acting. Wonkathe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory– Based on Musical performance Timothée Chalamet. However, it was announced last June which was signed by Dougal Wilson to produce. Paddington in Peru And that principal photography was delayed until 2023. While there are still quite a few years to go, it would be nice to have someone keep Wheshaw in the loop, though it looks like it No time to die. The actor is ready to hit the studio whenever the call comes.

“Some days I just go in and do like 30 or 40 different knots. [growls] Like all day,” Whishaw said of himself Paddington Process “You get a list of things that you have to do, and it goes, ‘Little roar,’ ‘Little berry growl,’ ‘Little, desperate roar.’

Of course, you can’t rush greatness, so if the marmalade needs a little more time to simmer, so be it. Until then, you can catch Whishaw on the big screen as part of a stacked ensemble. Women talk.Although with his regular human appearance and American accent.

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