Bernie Kosar fired from Browns radio after revealing $19,000 bet

This is a bad shot for Bernie Kosar.

The Browns have informed their franchise legend and radio host that they are parting ways, The former quarterback said on Sundayand is reportedly tied to Cleveland’s season finale bet against the Steelers.

Bernie Kosar was fired and contributed to the Browns’ in-house radio show.
Twitter/The Bernie Kosar Show

Kosar, 59, made Ohio’s first legal sports bet, according to his Twitter account, betting $19,000 on the Browns to win and promising to donate the money to charity if he won. But it may have cost him, as reported Sunday that the bet would cost Kosar his job with the Browns — serving as a team ambassador and appearing on their in-house radio broadcasts.

“Once again on Steelers GameDay, the Browns informed me that my services are no longer wanted or needed,” Kosar said. he tweeted on Sunday. “I don’t do today’s radio program. I’m shocked and disappointed, brown and orange is my life.

NFL rules prohibit team employees from betting on games.

Kosar, 59, played for the Browns from 1985-1993.


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