Beth Phoenix shouts at the people who helped her in the WWE commentary


Beth Phoenix is ​​a WWE Hall of Famer who was one of the early pioneers of the Women’s Revolution. In 2019, the company brought her in as a full-time host for NXT. She remains the show’s fixture even after its recent evolution into NXT 2.0.

While she’s experienced in the ring, Phoenix admits she needs a lot of help to change the commentary. He spoke with Ryan Satin Out of character About the people who supported her. He talked about how the commentary has changed the way he sees wrestling.

“Tom Phillips is integral to encouraging and teaching me. Mauro (Ranallo) and Nigel (McGuinness) have been my partner for a long time and have been my support system when I literally had no clue what I was doing. Michael Cole is today my champion, believe in me. Now, Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett, I told them that I love my work, but they made my work fun. I’m so happy. Wade and Vic, I think our chemistry as a team is perfect.

[…] “I always knew that commentators were a big part of the show, but as a wrestler, we had to go in and worry about your division, your match, your campaign. The wounds should be covered.

There is a lot of responsibility in the lap of the interpreter, but more importantly, we are the voice of the audience. We strive to represent what the audience wants to see and what the audience is experiencing. We were trying to get in touch with them and echoed out loud what they might be thinking. There is a lot of work I didn’t understand at the beginning and even now, I’m starting to crack the surface of what my role as one of the voices in NXT is.

After joining the NXT Commentary team, Phoenix received a ton of horror feedback. Since then, she has become more comfortable in the role. With the help of several longtime veteran preachers, she seems to have settled down.

What is your opinion as a Beth Phoenix narrator? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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November 22, 2021 11:31 am


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