Biden urged to take clear stand on Iran by activist targeted in alleged assassination plot

Masih Alinjad, Journalist She is calling on President Biden to formulate a clear Iran policy after three members of a group with ties to Iran were indicted for allegedly plotting to kill her.

“I want President Biden to clearly lay out the Iran policy because we need to know that the American government, one day bans the clerics, the mullahs, but the next day they’re gone and they want to negotiate with the same murderers. … with the same killers,” he told “America Reports” on Monday.

Last summer, Alinejid was shot at his Brooklyn home by a man with a loaded AK-47-style rifle. Fox News reports. The Department of Justice has accused of Rafat Amirov, 43, of Iran, Polad Amirov, 38, of the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and Khalid Mehdiyev, 24, of Yonkers, New York, on charges of money laundering and murder-for-hire in an alleged Iran-backed conspiracy.

Alainjad was previously the target of a 2021 kidnapping plot that was foiled by the FBI.

“It is very heartbreaking that the government of my own country, where I was born, is trying to kill me,” he said, and met with the Iranian government after it tried to kill him. . “My adopted country, the United States of America, is trying to protect me, but I think the US government can do more.”

An Iranian military base was rocked by the explosion, which officials said was a ‘failed’ drone strike

Journalist Masih Alinejad is speaking out after Iran plotted to kill him.
(Fox News)

Alinejad said she wants to meet with President Biden. He said he was keen to speak out for freedom of expression after learning how Iranians oppressed those seeking basic freedoms.

“The reason I came to the United States of America is to exercise my freedom of speech. The Iranian Right now they’re facing guns and bullets,” he told Fox News. “They don’t have a voice. They have no media.”

“Look, right now as I’m talking to you, women are facing rape in prison,” he shared. “Many women are being shot in the eye and blinded, men and women alike, just for peacefully demanding freedom, dignity, democracy. So, I just Can’t say, ‘Well, now I’m safe in heaven, that I won’t talk about them.’

Contemplating a plot against him still gives Elenijid “goosebumps” and the activist is asking Biden to pressure the European Union to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

“America is about democracy,” he said. “They have to be tough on the Islamic Republic.”

Fox News’ Yale Halon contributed to this report.

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