Bill Maher Young Environmentalists Blame Elders For Climate Change: ‘We Use Cars Like Us!’

On his Club Random podcast, HBO host Bill Maher went after the progressive, pro-environment left, calling their criticism of older generations hypocritical and saying he wouldn’t have an “idiot driving a three-dollar car” to fight. . Climate change.

In an interview with comedian Dana Carvey, Maher dismissed the idea of ​​wealthy environmentalists abandoning private jets: “I’ll say this now: Only people who can’t fly private can’t fly. ”

Maher said he didn’t want to be the only person making sacrifices to save the planet, that something had to be done “as a group of people” to solve the problem, but it was all talk and no action.

“I just don’t feel like it [not flying private] making a difference,” he added. “We do it either as a group — I’m just not going to be someone who doesn’t enjoy my life.”

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Recently, HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” ended its broadcast by challenging what it described as a widespread LGBTQ “trend” among American youth.
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Noting Gen Z environmentalist Greta Thunberg, the host declared her an exception because she doesn’t fly on private jets: “She’s not representative of her generation, which they like to blame us for.”

Maher dismissed the criticism of young environmentalists against their elders as, “You’ve ruined the world!” he concluded. Then he shot back, “Yeah, you’re doing it differently. You don’t drive? Right. You’re always with Greta on the sailboat. You use the same cars as we do. So shut up. F— up!”

He joked, “We all decided to drive through the Grand Canyon and have a great time on the road. And if we decided to, I wouldn’t be a fool to drive a three-dollar car.”

Comedian Kervey joined in, dismissing Thunberg with a “three-word” impersonation: “How dare you?

Dana Carvey on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Dana Carvey on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Speaking about human solutions, Kervey offered a middle ground in the entire debate: “We will try to get into renewable energy sources when they are practical and when they can replace fossil fuels.”

But for now, Kervey offered, “Everybody’s a Republican when the lights go out, right?”

Maher concluded the discussion by pointing out that developing countries such as India view American environmentalists as unreasonable. He imagined them saying, “Wait, you’re used [the resources] and we won’t have air conditioning anymore?”

Bill Maher on his Club Random podcast.

On last week’s podcast, Maher again took on his fellow liberals, saying some of them are “crazy” that men can get pregnant. He dismissed the idea as a Ripley’s Believe It or Not joke.

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