Bing Is Hoping It Can Out-Google Google Using AI

Another is, “I have to throw a dinner party for 6 people who are vegetarians. Can you suggest a 3-course menu with chocolate dessert?” The answer includes links to individual recipes for each dish. But while you may need to click through to see the original recipe, in many other cases , a hypothetical user probably won’t bother to click on the links. They’ll already have the information they need.

What this means for websites whose information is being fed into response modules is unknown. Take a quiz on the top three vacuum pros and cons. Sites like Consumer Reports and Wirecutter typically rely on search to bring them traffic as well as affiliate links to provide income once a buyer has read a review and made a purchase decision.

But if Bing essentially cuts out the middleman (website), it could hurt its business. Of course, Google and Bing already do this to some extent—typing “how tall is Rihanna” into Google’s search field will get you a quick answer (5’8″), allowing you to click through to a site. The need will disappear.

Meanwhile, there’s Google Move around to keep the AI ​​battles going. Its Chat GPT competitor called Bard will be available in the next few weeks.

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